Create and View Panopto Recordings in Canvas

Panopto is a lecture capture application that is used to create recordings of classroom-based activities that are made available for review by students in a course.

To Record Panopto Videos Install the Panopto Recorder

To record videos in your office or at home, the first step is to install Panopto on your Windows or Mac workstation:

  1. To record videos on your TWU office using your Windows or Mac workstation:
    1. Contact the Service Desk to download and install Panopto on your TWU Windows or Mac workstation.
  2. To record videos on your personal Windows or Mac workstation:
    1. Install Panapto:
      1. How to Download and Install Panopto for Windows to your personal computer (Video), OR
      2. How to Download and Install Panopto for Mac to your Macintosh workstation
  3. The Panopto Recorder is installed in TWU Classrooms

To Enable Panopto Recordings in Canvas

Before you get started make sure you have:

  1. Log into Canvas and open the course
  2. Enable Panopto Recordings on the Course Menu. The directions include: How do I manage Course Navigation links?
  3. A headset with a microphone connected to your computer. 
    • Note: Using your computer's built-in microphone will record background noise that will distract from the final video
  4. (Optional) A web camera for video recording if you are recording yourself and not the computer screen

Getting Started Creating Panopto Recordings


  1. For information on Panopto training, contact the Center for Faculty Excellence (CFE).
  2. Getting Started with Panopto (TLT Video) - This video is an introduction to recording videos using Panopto in Canvas. After watching the video, viewers will be able to locate and enable Panopto within Canvas, choose the correct settings to record successfully in Panopto, record video and audio with Panopto, and save and review recordings.
  3. Panopto in Canvas Editing Video and Adding a Table of Contents (TLT Video) - This tutorial provides an overview of the Panopto Edit screen, demonstrates how to make cuts, and covers how to add a table of contents to a video recording.
  4. Create and Share Your Panopto Recording as a Live Webcast: 
    1. How to Create and Share a Live Webcast with Panopto for Windows 
    2. How to Create a Live Webcast with Panopto for Mac
    3. Webcasting (Video)

How to Find and View Panopto Recordings in Canvas

  1. How to Find and View Panopto Recordings in Canvas
    1. View the Panopto Recording: Learn About the Features of the Video Viewer or Viewing a Video (Video)
    2. Download and view from your workstation: How to Download Video or Audio Streams as MP4s
  2. Learn About Accessibility Features

Note: Your Panopto Recording will take several minutes to process. The longer the recording the longer the processing time. You can logout of Canvas, close the browser, and sign out of personal computer / workstation.  Do NOT turn off the personal computer / workstation until the Panopto Recording is finished processing. Processing is finished when the recording is listed in Panopto Recordings in Canvas.

Support Options

There are 4 support options available:

  1. For online documentation, refer to the Panopto Community
  2. For online how-to videos, check the Panopto Playlist
  3. Contact an Instructional Design Partner to design learning activities for students, for training to use Panopto features, or to talk about effective ways to interact with students using lecture capture in your Canvas courses. 
  4. To request technical support, submit a Technology Service Desk email to start a ticket.