Oracle iAssets - User Documentation

iAssets - a module of Oracle eBusiness, used for assigning/transferring TWU property (tagged assets).

Quicksteps – iAssets

iAssets training available in Bridge

Searching for Assets

Asset Search Tab

  1. Log on to Oracle eBusiness (Phoenix)
  2. Click iAssets User > iAssets Home > iAssets Home
  3. Click Asset Search Tab
  4. Search for Assets using either Simple Search or Advanced Search

SQL Report

  1. Log on to TWU SQL Reports site
  2. Navigate to Administrative Management > Assets by Supervisor (if you need access, send a request ticket to I.T. Solutions)
  3. Select a department and supervisor and click Run

Submitting an Asset Transfer Request

  1. Log on to Oracle eBusiness
  2. Click iAssets User > iAssets Home > iAssets Home
  3. Click Asset Search Tab and search for assets
  4. Select assets and click Add to Asset List button
  5. Click Create Transfer Request button
    1. Request Details* – Enter Requester, Effective Transfer Date and Purpose. Click Next.
    2. Releasing Details – Review information and click Next (needs to be one asset at a time)
    3. Destination Details – Update the following fields and click Next when finished:
      1. Transfer to Employee – Enter the new asset custodian
      2. To Location – Enter the building where the employee works
      3. To Room Number – Enter the office number or home address (if approved to take the asset off-campus)
      4. Receiving Approver – Enter the employee’s supervisor
    4. Click Next, then – Click Submit.
    5. Confirmation – Click Return to Home

* for a large number of changes, submitting assets to surplus, unknown details, or general questions/assistance, email:

** in addition to the iAssets transfer, for removing assets from campus, the attached 'out-of-office-location' form is required to be completed and re-verified annually. (or copy/paste this link): 

Approval Notifications

When an Asset Transfer Request is submitted, approval notifications are sent via email and Oracle eBusiness worklist to the Transfer to Employee and Receiving Approver.

Approving Asset Transfer Request via Email Notification

  1. Approve – Enter comments between the single quotes after. Do not change anything else if responding via email.
  2. Reject – If responding via email, enter comments between the single quotes after NOTE (or in the Note field in Oracle eBusiness). Do not change anything else. Rejection will trigger a notification to the user who submitted the Asset Transfer Request with instructions to enter a new request.
  3. Request Information – Enter the username for the person you want to request more information from between the single quotes in line 1. Enter comments and questions between the single quotes after Question. Do not change anything else. Once a response is received, select either Approve or Reject.

Once an asset transfer is approved, the changes will be posted to Oracle eBusiness.

(Reference: URP 04.500 - Property Management.)


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