Features is a video tutorial service free (paid for by the Office of Technology) to all Texas Woman’s University faculty, staff, and students. Watch the course How to use to learn about all the bells and whistles!

Playlists: offers playlists based on topics and also gives the user the option to create their own. The users can also share playlists with others via email or social media. Share playlists with employees, coworkers, or colleagues outside the university.


Users can bookmark a specific video or sections of a specific video to view later. also gives user the ability to modify the name of the bookmark or even add a description so they remember why they marked it. Users can also tag videos so they can categorize it for easier look up later.


Look for a specific word (the name of a function in Excel for example) to see which videos contain information needed.


Use the My Notes tab in a course to take notes while watching a class. This integrated note taking features time stamps the notes with a specific portion of a video. Notes are automatically saved and when the user reviews the notes, the user will be returned to that portion of the video. Notes can be exported as a Microsoft Word document, pdf, text file, Google doc, or Evernote file.


The search feature looks for a specific word in video transcripts. These transcripts allow users to read along, quickly search, and even allow them to jump to a specific section of the video by clicking on a portion of the transcript.

Suggested Courses:

After watching a course, there will be a section titled Members also Watched showing courses that are related and may be of interest. allows users to define the types videos that might be of interest.

Exercise Files:

Download exercise files and follow along with the instructor throughout the course.


After finishing a course, users will be given the option to offer course feedback. gives an option to request courses for subjects that people would like to see in the future.

Certificates of Completion:

Watch all the videos in a course and receive a certificate of completion. Certificates can be printed, emailed to multiple users, shared on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, and a link is provided to embed in a website.

There’s an app for that! has free mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows devices to watch on the go. Watching training videos at the gym or while waiting in line really does make time fly!

For additional support, contact the Technology Service Desk at 940-898-3971,,, or submit a request through the Technology Service Catalog.