(LinkedIn Learning) Sign In

Note: Works in most browsers and versions; must be Internet Explorer 11.

From computer

Step 1  Navigate to

Step 2  Click Sign in located in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Step 3  The system displays a dialog box. Click the statement “Sign in with organizational portal."

Step 4  The system displays a dialog box. Enter Click Continue.

Step 5: The system displays a login box. Enter Portal username and Portal password. Click Login.

Step 6  A welcome page is displayed.  This will give the user the option to link a previously created account or create a new one.

If the user did not have a previous account, click No, I’ve never had an account.  The user's account will be created in

If the user did have an account previously, click I’ve had an account.

If the user did have a previous account, enter the previous username and password in the next page that's displayed, this will link the history from the previous account to the new profile.  The user will still need to log in through the organization's portal from this point forward.  Click Transfer my History and a welcome screen will be displayed.

On mobile device

  1. Open the app.
  2. Click Log in.
  3. Click Organization.
  4. In the area titled Web Portal type “” and click Log in.
  5. A web page is displayed.
  6. Click Log in.
  7. On the dialog box, click Go.
  8. Enter portal username and password and click Log in.
  9. A dialog box is displayed, Open this page in “” Click Open.

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