New Employee Tech Onboarding

Successful hires begin with planning--but we can't do much in ITS to give privileges until the Portal account is created, and that can't be done until the PTF is processed fully by HR. The great news is there is some self-service that can be done by the supervisor and the new hire to enable IT Solutions to begin work.


Access the Supervisor Should Grant/Request

Access the New Employee Must Request

  • Create a Portal Account (once PTF is processed)

  • Request a Colleague account

  • Complete mandatory training (HR & ITS) (FERPA) (EH&S)

  • ID Card
  • Parking
  • VPN (to access the TWU network off campus) (Note: Employee must be a member of the correct domain to request VPN access; contact the Technology Service Desk for issues with the VPN workflow form)

Hardware Information

  • Please refer to our computer allocation and replacement service. Be sure to transfer assets using iAssets in Oracle.
  • Telephones and networked devices (e.g. computers, printers) will be installed at existing data ports and power sources. If additional ports are needed, refer to this service.

Getting started

  1. The new hire PTF must be completed in Oracle
  2. A Portal account must be created by the new employee
  3. Self-service access by the supervisor and new employee should begin
  4. Complete the New Employee Tech Onboarding form to begin the process.

Onboarding will require 4-10 business days for hardware to be provisioned. 

IT Solutions offers a Technology Onboarding Bridge training (click the link to self enroll). The Technology Onboarding Bridge training course provides an overview of many systems at TWU including Bridge, RingCentral, Oracle Cloud, Colleague, SQL Reports, X-Drive and Google Drives, webconferencing and collaboration tool options and much more. 


Contact the Technology Service Desk at,, submit a request through the Technology Service Catalog, or submit a request by clicking Request Service on this page.

Request Service - New Employee Tech Onboarding


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