Articles (23)

University Structure

Policy Number: A.01.01
Date Reviewed: Nov. 11, 2016

University Rule Formulation

Policy Number: A.01.02
Date Reviewed: Nov. 11, 2016


Policy Number: A.01.03
Date Reviewed: Nov.11, 2016

Signature Authority for Contracts & Agreements

Policy Number: A.01.04
Date Reviewed: February 16, 2018

Finance Administration and Budget

Policy Number: A.02.01
Date Reviewed: Nov.11,2016

Standards of Conduct for Financial Advisors and Service Providers

Policy Number: A.02.01.01 (4.04)
Date Reviewed: May 2016

Tax-Exempt Financing Compliance Policy

Policy Number: A.02.01.02 (4.07)
Date Reviewed: 05/16/2016

Endowment Investment and Distribution Policy

Policy Number: A.02.01.04 (4.05)
Last Reviewed: 0/8/10/2018

Investment Policy

Policy Number: A.02.01.03 (4.03)
Date Reviewed: 8/10/2018

Purchasing Policy: Competitive Bidding

Policy Number: A.02.02
Date Reviewed: Nov.11,2016

Internal Audit Policy

Policy Number: A.02.03
Date Reviewed: August 29, 2018

Naming Policy

Policy Number: A.03.01 (7.01,7.03)
Date Reviewed: 5/10/2018

Nondiscrimination Policy

Policy Number: A.04.00
Date Reviewed: Nov.11,2016

Whistleblower/ Anti-Retaliation Policy

Policy Number: A.04.02
Date Reviewed: Nov.11,2016

Risk Management Policy

Policy Number: A.05.01
Date Reviewed: Nov.11,2016

Clery Act Reporting Policy

Policy Number: A.05.02
Date Reviewed: Nov.11,2016

Illegal Use of Drugs and Alcohol Policy

Policy Number: A.05.03
Date Reviewed: Nov.11,2016

Tobacco-Free and Smoke-Free University Policy

Policy Number: A.05.04
Date Reviewed: Nov.11,2016

Gun Free Zones (Campus Carry) Policy

Policy Number: A.05.05
Date Reviewed: May 20, 2016

Gift Acceptance Policy

Policy Number: A.06.01
Date Reviewed: Nov.11,2020

Marketing and Communications Policy

Policy Number: A.06.02
Date Reviewed: Nov.11,2016