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Poster Printing Request

Features Denton Check out the Center for Faculty Excellence website for pricing details, FAQs, and other helpful information. Dallas Poster printing services are available to faculty and

Change a Portal Password

To change or reset a Portal password, navigate to To reset or change an Alumni password, navigate to Portal, and use the forgot/reset tool link. In addition

Adding Public Folders to Outlook Cache for Searching

​How to add a public folder to be cached and used with Instant Search: Open Outlook. Click Folders in the bottom navigation pane. On the left side of the Folder module, find the folder to

Google Suite and YouTube Resources

Faculty and Staff can use Google Suite of apps and / or gmail in many ways to store information, increase productivity, and control levels of access to information. The Google Suite of apps is

Most Frequently Used SQL Reports

Academic Management Course Waitlist Enrollment Registered Majors Faculty Workload by Term Administrative Management TWU Budget Managers Detail TWU

Name/Username/Domain Change

Full-time and part-time employees (never a student): Go to the HR Forms website: Click Address/Name Verification/Change under the

Live Chat with the Technology Service Desk

Initiate a Chat Session Initiate chat with the Service Desk through Select association: Student, Faculty/Staff, or Visitor. Type in First Name, Last Name, and Email address


Etiquette in technology [or netiquette] governs what conduct is socially acceptable in an online or digital situation. While etiquette is ingrained into culture, etiquette in technology is a fairly

Password Construction Guidelines

In order to gain access to TWU data, accounts are required to have a complex password. To meet TWU's complexity requirements, passwords must satisfy the following criteria and contain: ​At least

Windows: Change Screen Resolution

Microsoft Support provides instructions for Windows 10: Change Screen Resolution For additional support, contact the Technology Service Desk at 940-898-3971,,

Log on to a TWU Computer on Campus

When logging onto TWU computers on campus, please try each of the following in order until one is successful: Enter full TWU email address as the username and use TWU password. Use only TWU

Archive or mute Gmail messages

When you archive a message: The message will come back to your inbox when someone replies to it. When you mute a message: Any replies stay out of your inbox. You can search for the conversation if

How to Import Exchange Mail to Google

To set up an import of TWU mail to Gmail, go to Settings in Gmail, then Accounts and Import, then Import mail and contacts. Type in the full email address. Enter the password and username

What to do if an email in TWU Gmail is missing

If the email was recently sent, please allow up to 30 minutes for delivery. Check for the missing emails in Spam: log in to Gmail, click More from the list on the left, then click Spam. If there are

Set Up TWU GMail in Outlook

These instructions are subject to change by Microsoft and Google. For additional support, contact the Technology Service Desk at 940-898-3971,,, or submit a