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Canvas Help

Canvas Help There are several support options available: Ask Your Instructor a Question - In Canvas from Global Navigation > ? Icon (Help) > Ask Your Instructor a Question to send an email

Dallas Poster Printing Procedure

IT Solutions-Dallas provides faculty and staff with low cost and high quality poster printing services on the Dallas campus. Students who wish to submit posters must do so through a faculty liaison

Update SPSS License Code

Start the IBM SPSS License Authorization Wizard Windows  ​​​​ Open the Start menu. In the list of programs, find a folder called either SPSS or IBM SPSS Statistics. Open that folder. (on

Colleague-Using XTRNU to Run Unofficial Transcripts

​Prerequisites Staff member must have Colleague Mnemonic XTRNU available through the ST – Student System. Staff member's Staff and Volunteer (SVM) record must include the appropriate office


Navigate to Click in the search bar in the middle of the screen and type in a keyword or title of a course of interest. Click the name of the course of interest. Click

Training Resources: All Employees General Communication

LinkedIn Learning: Organization Communication Online, Self Paced, Free, 1 hr 15 minutes Global Knowledge:  Project Management, Leadership, and Communication Face to Face       3 days   $2,195

LinkedIn Learning FAQ

LinkedIn Learning (with content) is a video tutorial service free to all Texas Woman’s University faculty, staff, and students. Watch the course How to Use LinkedIn Learning to learn about

Houston Poster Printing Procedure

IT Solutions-Houston provides faculty and staff with low cost and high-quality poster printing services at Houston campus. Large poster printing with a maximum 42” width size is available for all

Add user to an X-Drive folder

Log on to Pioneer Portal Click My Tools Click X-Drive Storage Group Management (under Faculty/Staff Tools) In the Select action… dropdown, select MODIFY group Type in the exact group name and

Getting Started: New Employees

Welcome to Texas Woman’s University! IT Solutions is committed to service. There are many available systems and options new employees may need to access as they start their new position. Where to

Request a Cell Phone Stipend

General Selected employees are required to be available by cellular communications.  The University, at its option, may provide a University-owned cellular device or issue an individual a stipend

College Administration

Email Reminder Manager This allows automation of email reminders to your faculty to update their content in Sedona. Under Managers, select Email Reminder Manager. Enter the email address

Force Quit Applications

If an application becomes unresponsive and locks up, force quit it and re launch the application.  1. Select the Apple icon in the top left-hand corner. 2. Select Force Quit. 3. Select the

Computers: How to Manually Eject an Optical Disc

Normal Method to Eject a Disc: Most Windows computers have an eject button on or beside the tray/slot for the optical disc. Apple computers (Macs) use a keyboard button above the Delete  key, in

Wifi Troubleshooting on Mac

​If experiencing issues with a Wi-Fi connection, try the following steps. Restart Wi-Fi Select the Wi-Fi icon in the top right-hand corner in the menu bar. Select turn off Wi-Fi. Select