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Acrobat: How to Edit PDF Files

Please see the tutorial at the Adobe website for more information We do our best to link to only the best external sites but we cannot be held responsible for the quality or accuracy of such

Dean Administrative Duties

Log on to Sedona Open a web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari) Type in the address bar Change the Account Type to “College” Type in the college ID TWA

Download to Microsoft Word and Formatting

Log on to the Sedona System ( using Chrome or Firefox. Click CV.  Click Word. A Word document appears in the lower left corner with a file name of .doc. Double-click to

How to View Grant Awards

Go to Log on as a college Under Activity Aggregations, select Honors, Awards, and Grants The default view is for all departments, the last five years, all types of grants (teaching

Department/Component Administration

Log on at the College/Department/Component Level Navigate to Select Account Type “Department” or "College" Enter your college ID Enter your department ID Enter your

Sedona: How to Retrieve a Password

Navigate to Click I forgot my ID/password Enter TWU email address and click Submit. An email will be sent with login information. Click Login to Sedona to continue

Log on to Sedona

Sedona separates faculty into colleges. Here is the key: TWA - College of Arts & Sciences (and other staff/administrators) TWB - College of Business TWH - College of Health Sciences TWN

Google Suite and YouTube Resources

Faculty and Staff can use Google Suite of apps and / or gmail in many ways to store information, increase productivity, and control levels of access to information. The Google Suite of apps is

View an Employee Payslip on Portal

Login to Pioneer Portal. Click My Tools. Click Faculty/Staff Tools. Click Payslip Information. For additional support, contact the Technology Service Desk at 940-898-3971, servicedesk


Etiquette in technology [or netiquette] governs what conduct is socially acceptable in an online or digital situation. While etiquette is ingrained into culture, etiquette in technology is a fairly

Outlook Web App (OWA) Display Preferences

Common Display Settings – Standard Outlook Web App By default, Outlook Web App (OWA) uses Conversation View in all email folders. It is not currently possible to disable Conversation View for all

Remove RSS Feed in Outlook

​Delete the  RSS feed folder, once deleted this will delete the folder and cancel the RSS Feed. In the Navigation Pane,expand the RSS Feed folder Right click on the folder to remove. Click

Adding Public Folders to Outlook Cache for Searching

​How to add a public folder to be cached and used with Instant Search: Open Outlook. Click Folders in the bottom navigation pane. On the left side of the Folder module, find the folder to

Creating the Affirmative Action Goals Report

Prerequisites User must have Oracle US Super HRMS Manager responsibility in Oracle E-Business. To view the data, the user must have access to the Affirmative Action Plan folder in SQL Reports

Showing/Hiding Responsibilities in Oracle E-Business

​1. Under Main Menu box on the right, click on Personalize button 2. On the Customize Applications Navigator page, click Show All. ​ 3. Click on Select All to view everything and select