Online Course Evaluation System Information for Students

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Access the system

  1. Access the system through Pioneer Portal > My Tools Evaluate Your Courses or access the system directly.
  2. At 2nd login screen, enter the with password. ( is required)

Evaluate your courses

  1. Click the Start button next to any course to begin the evaluation. 
  2. The first ten questions are required; the first two open-ended questions are optional. Subsequent questions, if any, are optional. 
  3. Save individual responses or save all to continue the evaluation at another time. Click the Edit button on the course evaluations list to continue the evaluation. 
  4. [If you do not wish to submit the evaluation], Begin another evaluation by clicking Back to my course evaluations list.
  5. When ready to submit, click Save All and Submit.
  6. Evaluations are only open for a limited time, so don't wait to evaluate!


Why can't I evaluate one of my courses?
Courses must meet minimum enrollment requirements to be evaluated. This helps protect the anonymity of your responses. 

Why are there more than 10 questions on my evaluation?
Instructors have the option to add additional questions to their evaluations. Only the first 8 questions require a response.

Are my responses anonymous?

When will my instructor see the results?
After grades for the evaluated term are final. 

How can I provide proof of completion for extra credit?
A screenshot of the Completed Status on the course evaluations list screen should suffice.

How long do I have to complete my course evaluation?
The minimum number of days for a full semester is 10 (7 for shorter terms).  Instructor(s) may alter the dates to provide additional days to complete the evaluation. You will receive a system-generated email the day the evaluation(s) open and email reminder two days before they close.

Why should I complete my course evaluations?
This is an opportunity to provide feedback on the course instruction. Many faculty use the course evaluation results to make adjustments in their courses. 

Are course evaluations a way to file a formal complaint?
No. Students should contact the department chair/director to whom the instructor reports.Academic and Administrative Complaints and Appeals, including grade appeals, follow this process.

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