Computer Allocation and Replacements


Computer Allocation

Most full-time faculty and staff are allocated one computer on the basis of their position which is replaced on a four year replacement plan cycle.   Current standards are determined by the Office of of Technology and reviewed annually. The PC standard is one desktop computer, two monitors and a four year warranty.  The Mac standard is one iMac  and AppleCare warranty.  Departments with individuals needing computers above the standard, or different than the standard (i.e. laptop instead of desktop) will need to provide Office of Technology the specifications and will need to cover the cost difference, if applicable.  See quotes to find out more. 

Departments are responsible for the out-of-cycle computer costs or any additional laptops and mobile devices. 

Component administrators should consider the impact of new positions on their budget. Replacement costs will be factored into the computer replacement management system provided by the Office of Technology. 

Computer Specs


Estimated Cost: $1200 with four-year renewal commitment
Effective 3/17/19 - subject to change (follow Quotes process to purchase)

HP EliteDesk 800 G4 65W DM AMS PC
Win10 Enterprise
Dual monitors
Intel Core i5-8500 3.0 6C 65W
16GB (1x16GB) DDR4 2666 SODIMM
USB BusSlim Keyboard
Wired Mouse
4 year Warranty


Estimated Cost: $1500 with four-year renewal commitment
Effective 3/17/19 - subject to change (follow Quotes process to purchase)

21.5-inch iMac with Retina 4K display
3.0GHz quad-core Intel Core i5, Turbo Boost up to 3.5GHz
8GB 2400MHz DDR4
Radeon Pro 555 with 2GB video memory
Wired Apple Mouse
Wired Keyboard with numeric keypad
AppleCare+ for iMac

Computer Replacements

The four-year computer replacement program applies to all administrative computer purchases from the Office of Technology including computer lab and computer classroom machines. Departments are responsible for initial (new position) funding, fund replacements for research lab, grant-funded, and/or auxiliary equipment. 

Getting started

Replacement Cycle

  • Each year, Office of Technology will identify the total number of replacements needed for each University department. 
  • Once the new replacement computers are in stock, individuals identified as needing a new computer will be contacted by a Technology staff member.
  • During the initial consultation the technician will identify a data migration plan and obtain a personal preference for an installation time frame.
  • If the faculty or staff member is unreachable for an extended period of time, all data will be backed up and the system will be replaced.


Contact the Technology Service Desk, or submit a request by clicking Request Service on this page.

Who can use it

  • Faculty
  • Staff

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Q: What if an upgrade to the standard computer is desired?

A: Optional computer configurations can be made to "upgrade" the standard computer. In the event this is required the designated department head should contact the Technology Service Desk. Once approved, the appropriate authorized account manager will be notified, and the net difference in cost will be charged to that account. This process will delay the arrival of computers for the requesting department.

Q: What happens to the replaced computers after four year replacement?

A: The Office of Technology does not allow re-deployment of replaced computers. After replacement each out-of-service computer has the hard drive erased following the security standards of the State of Texas Department of Information Resources. The replaced computers are then transferred / disposed of following the State Guidelines for Technology disposal.

Q: How is the replacement program funded?

A: Funding for the replacement program is provided with annual Technology HEAF allocation. Computer replacements for staff or faculty funded from auxiliary, grant or other designated accounts cannot be funded by the HEAF allocation, and must be funded from an appropriate account. Each year from October through December, 1st non-HEAF purchases can be done through the University’s contract at a greater discount. HEAF computer purchases cannot exceed the total number of eligible full-time positions due to be replaced.

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