Password Construction Guidelines

In order to gain access to TWU data, accounts are required to have a complex password. To meet TWU's complexity requirements, passwords must satisfy the following criteria and contain:

  • ​At least one number (Example: 1 2 3)
  • At least one uppercase letter (Example: A B C)
  • At least one lowercase letter (Example: a b c)
  • One of these symbols and no other symbols: ! @ # $ % & _ -
  • Between 10 and 30 characters
  • Password may not repeat any character more than twice in a row.
  • Password may not include TWU username.
  • Password may not include first or last name.

To change a TWU Portal password, simply log on to Portal and click "My Settings" and choose "Change My Password."​

Here are some tips for creating a complex password:

  • Avoid using names or any word that can be found in a dictionary, in any language. For example, TWomans_123 may meet security standards, but it can be cracked quickly since it is simple in nature and contains a full word found in a dictionary.
  • To enhance complexity, think of passphrases that combine letters, numbers, and special characters. To enhance the previous example, a strong passphrase may look something like T3x@$W0m@nsR0ck$! The phrase "Texas Woman's Rocks!" is an easy phrase to remember and is generally easier to remember than random combinations of letters, numbers, and special characters.​
  • ​​Use easy letter substitutions (the letter 'e' with '3', 'a' for @, 'o' for zero, and 's' with $, for example) as an effective way to increase passphrase security. Keep your letter substitutions consistent across the passphrase (i.e. change each letter 'a' to @) to make the passphrase composition easier to remember.
  • The longer the passphrase, the better. A longer passphrase increases complexity and security.


  • Please do not use the training example passphrase for any account.
  • As a reminder, it is important to have separate passwords for private accounts (i.e. bank accounts, online stores, email, etc.). Do not use one password for every account.

For additional support, contact the Technology Service Desk at,, or submit a request through the Technology Service Catalog.


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