View a Technology Service Request

A captioned video of these instructions is available on YouTube.

  1. Navigate to (from within the Catalog, click on Services). Log on with your Portal credentials, if prompted.
  2. Click Ticket Requests.
  3. By default, only requests with a status of new, in process, or on hold will appear. This can be changed by clicking on the Status Class drop-down and selecting different options.
  4. Click on the Title to see the details of a request.
  5. Options:
    1. Withdraw Request - If the issue has been resolved by other means or some other change requires removal of the request. Select a reason and add comments (optional). Click Withdraw. Confirm withdrawal of the request by clicking OK.
    2. Add Attachment - To support the request or to respond to a specific request from the employee working on the request.
    3. Add Alert - To receive an email based on criteria related to the request. Most common: Ticket is overdue.
    4. Feed - View activity and comments on the request.
    5. Comment - To append a comment to the request. Optional: notify a person associated with the request. Select the person from the box below Feed by clicking the person's name. Type the comment in the text box. Click Save.

For additional support, contact the Technology Service Desk at,, or submit a request through the Technology Service Catalog.


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