Moving Computers (Inventory Control)


Faculty and staff may request a computer move, this generally entails removing all cables and peripherals and carrying the components to a different location and re-connecting the computer in the new location with cable management of wires for a neat appearance. Move requests include a removal and setup of any existing computers in the new location.

Successful moves begin with planning--we appreciate one-to-two weeks notice for moves. 
Need a quick move? Use the request button to initiate a data transfer. 
  • For moves involving collaboration technology (i.e. mounted TV) or wheeled printers, the technology onsite team will coordinate with the appropriate teams. 
  • Telephones and networked devices will be installed at existing data ports and power sources. If additional ports are needed, refer to this service.

Installation and setup is the process of installing and setting up a new computer in a new location that no other person has occupied. The monitors and computer will be placed, all appropriate cables and peripherals that are supplied will be attached, and the wires will be cable-managed for a neat appearance.

Surplus is the process of removing an older or unutilized piece of equipment or peripheral. For a computer or laptop, and the faculty or staff member with the equipment will be contacted to coordinate a time to pick-up the equipment, remove the hard drive, tag it with a sticker near the asset tag, and take it to Central Receiving for processing into surplus. The Office of Technology will also adjust their inventory to reflect that the computer or laptop has been moved to surplus. The hard drive will be degaussed or wiped in a secure manner. 


Contact the Technology Service Desk at,, or submit a request through the Technology Service Catalog, submit a request by clicking Request Service on this page.

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