NetSupport School - View & Control a Student Computer

Note: This feature and functionality is only available for the instructor to view and control one student machine. To view multiple student machines, see NetSupport School - Scanning Students.

To see student activity

  1. Click the window (Applications) icon on the left side of the window. 
  2. A list of students appears. Students can be listed in list view or large icon view. In the bottom toolbar select / deselect Details.
    • To view an individual student double click the student name. The student desktop will appear on the instructor monitor.
    • The instructor has two options to close down an application:
      • To close an application right click on a Running Application and click Close Application. (Student is prompted to save before closing.)
      • To kill an application right click on a Running Application and click Kill Process. (Application closes immediately without saving information.)

To view a student screen

  1. Double click the student's icon.
  2. The instructor is now able to view and control student machine functions.
    Note: To listen to audio playing on a student machine, click Audio. Click Audio On.
  3. When the instructor is finished viewing and or controlling student machine functions, click X in the upper right corner of the student screen.

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