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On-Demand, Online Training (LinkedInLearning)

Features TWU covers the subscription costs for current TWU faculty, staff, and students access. The full range of this content is available to all current faculty, staff, and students of the

Database Administration

Features Oracle and Microsoft SQL database administration is available to faculty and staff in academic and administrative departments that require it for applications or standalone databases

Web Conferencing Classrooms

Features Web conference classrooms are technology enhanced classrooms with web conferencing equipment. Denton Web Conferencing Classrooms ACT 301 MCL 501 MCL 505 Dallas Web

Classroom A/V Technologies

Features IT Solutions provides support for Classroom Audio and Visual (A/V) technology. Classroom hardware includes some or all of the following: A desktop computer Monitor Interactive

Emergency Notifications (Pioneer Alerts)

Features Text message Personal E-mail Personal Telephone To receive notification by text message, personal telephone, or personal e-mail users must register their information. The

Managed Workstations and Patch Management

Features The patch management service enables Technology staff to deploy critical security patches to computers across campus. On Saturdays, TWU computers are rebooted, allowing Technology

Anti-virus and Malware Protection

Features TWU has chosen MalwareBytes, as our End-Point protection solution for TWU devices. MalwareBytes, an enterprise solution that provides the highest possible level of protection, and ensures

Phone Banks (Phone-a-thon)

Features Unified Communications can support a phone bank of 16 phones per location. Phone banks can be setup in Denton ACT rooms 502, 503, 602, and 603. Getting started Contact University

Voicemail for Faculty and Staff

Features Store up to 200 voicemail messages Review voicemail messages via desktop/ mobile app, online account, phone, or email account Receive a fax in RingCentral Unified Communications

Email Accounts

Features Faculty and Staff Faculty and staff will receive email through Exchange. Exchange is limited to 2.6GB storage. Faculty and staff email  is forwarded to Google. Typically, Exchange mail

ID Cards, Card Readers, and Access Control Systems

Features The TWU Pioneer ID Card is more than just your official school identification. It can pay for meals at TWU retail food locations or the Dining Hall. It can get you into buildings and

Cloud Storage (Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive)

Features Google Drive: My Drive & Shared drives Comes with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, a collection of apps designed for developing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and other files

IHSD room # 5403 information

Classroom Technology Room Type: Meeting Room Capacity: 16 Meeting room equipped with Keyboard and mouse Remote control Wall mounted LCD TV Use Ditto to screen share

IHSD Room # 2102 Information

Classroom Technology Room Type: Lecture Hall  Capacity: 161 Fixed instructor station with Apple TV Computer Document Camera Microphone Pointer/Presenter

IHSD room # 3510 information

Classroom Technology Room Type: Web Conference Classroom Capacity: 32 Fixed instructor station with Apple TV Computer Document camera Touch panel Pointer/presenter