Document Camera

Document camera, also known as digital overhead magnifies in real-time an object or document to a large audience.

Some classrooms have a wireless document camera located on the desk, other document cameras are located in the ceiling. Please see classroom instructions for location details.

Instructions for Classroom Document Camera

The document camera is located on top of the desk. Log in into the computer.

  1. Press Document Cam on the wireless document camera.
  2. Double-click VZ-8light3. Place the document on the document camera.
  3. When done, press the o button on the document camera to power off.

Instructions for Laboratory  Document Camera

Document camera is located in the equipment rack drawer.

  1. Unfold document camera and place on the desk or countertop.
  2. Press the Power button and hold for 2 seconds.
  3. Log on to the computer.
  4. Double click Sphere 2 .
  5. Press the main menu on document camera to zoom and autofocus.

Instructions for Ceiling Document Camera

  1. To activate document camera, touch document camera on touch panel.
  2. A light on the desk will appear. Display document in the lit area on the desk. 
  3. Select the document camera icon on the touch panel.
  4. Place document under the ceiling camera. Use the controls on the touch panel for modifying the image (zoom, focus, iris)

Instructions for Tabletop Document Camera

  1. Select the document camera icon on the touch panel.
  2. Press the power button on the tabletop document camera.
  3. Place document under camera. Use controls on the document camera to modify the image (zoom, focus, iris)

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