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1. How to Use

2. Teaching Future-Ready Students

3. How to Increase Learner Engagement

4. Core Strategies for Teaching in Higher Ed

5. Blackboard Essential Training

6. Blackboard 9.x Essential Training for Instructors

7. Up and Running with Canvas 2015

8. Flipping the Classroom              

9. Teacher Tips

10. Teacher Tech Tips

11. Classroom Management Fundamentals

12. iPad Classroom: Apps for Educators

13. The Neuroscience of Learning

14. Up and Running with LinkedIn

15. Effective Listening

16. Intellectual Property Fundamentals

17. Understanding Copyright: A Deeper Dive

18. Writing Proposals

19. Social Media in the Classroom

20. Teaching Fundamentals: Project-Based Learning

21. Creating Multimedia Learning

22. Grant Writing for Education

23. Gamification of Learning

24. Teaching Fundamentals: Data-Driven Instruction

25. Instructional Design Essentials: Adults Learners

26. Foundations of Teaching with Technology

27. How to Present and Stay on Point

28. pre-built playlists

29. Time Management- Manager

30. Time Management - Individual

31. Time Management - Division Head

32. Time Management - Executive

33. Create Elearning Presentations

34. Presentation Skills- Individual

35. Presentation Skills-Manager

36. Presentation Skills - Executive

37. Presentation Skills- Division Head

38. Communicate Clearly

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