Office of Technology Organizational Chart


  • Board of Regents
  • Dr. Carine Feyten, Chancellor and President
    • Office of Technology - Raechelle Clemmons, AVP for Technology & Chief Information Officer
      • Technology Administration
        • Julie Muller, Assistant to the AVP for Technology & Chief Information Officer
      • Campus Operations
        • Jared Vernon, Manager, Technology & Dallas Center Operations
          • Chantel Brightman, Secretary
        • Carlos Da Silva, Manager, Technology & Houston Center Operations
          • Diana Pierce, Administrative Assistant
      • IT Training and Development - Heather Davis, Manager, IT Training and Development
        • Corin Walker, Senior Learning Technologist
        • Tiffany Peart, IT Project Coordinator - Infrastructure


  • Client Services - {Vacant}, Director
    • Lacey Monarch, I.T. Project Coordinator
    • Houston - Carlos Da Silva, Manager, Technology & Houston Center Operations
      • Shawn (Srinivas) Nadella, Tech Support Analyst III
      • Iris (Jinlan) Du, Learning Technologist
      • Kirk Johnson, Lab Technology Coordinator
      • Mary Richardson-Fontenot, Tech Support/Systems Analyst/Healthcare/AV
    • Denton Allen Claytor, Manager, Technology Denton
      • Onsite
        • Jay Williams, Apple/Mac Support Analyst
        • Igor Zavalin, Tech Support Analyst II (PC)
        • JT Lanford, Tech Support Analyst II (PC)
        • Dave Cole, Tech Support Analyst II (PC)
        • Matthew Montgomery, Tech Support Analyst II (PC)
      • Service Desk (Remote) - Clint DeBusk, Supervisor 
        • Niki Peyton, Service Desk Analyst III
        • Jacob Ervin, Service Desk Analyst III
        • Paul Hernandez, Service Desk Analyst II
        • Kortney Kosak, Service Desk Analyst II
        • Fabiha Rahman, Service Desk Analyst I
      • Systems Engineers
        • Bill Maddox, Systems Engineer (PC)
        • {Vacant}, Apple/Mac Systems Engineer (Mac)
        • Karl Pienkoss, Systems Integration Engineer (PC)
    • Dallas - Jared Vernon, Manager, Technology & Dallas Center Operations
      • Evelyn Rosas, Lab Technology Coordinator
      • Tomeka Nolen, Learning Technologist
      • Jerry Wilson, Tech Support Analyst III
      • Jeffrey Molina, Tech Support/Systems Analyst/Healthcare/AV
    • Collaboration Services - Jess Tate, Supervisor, Collaboration Solutions
      • Raquel Clewis, Coordinator of Telepresence Operations
      • Ricky Allan, Collaboration Solutions Technician
    • Classroom & Labs - Joe Kondras, Manager Classroom Technology and Videoconference
      • Matthew Moore, Classroom Technology Coordinator
      • Roy Erwin, Tech Support Analyst III
      • Charles Willie, Tech Support Analyst II
      • {Vacant}, Lab Technology Coordinator
      • Skyler Clark-Fernandez, Tech Support Analyst III
      • Jennifer Gray, Tech Support Analyst II
  • Enterprise Applications Cori Treviño, Director
    • Mai Nguyen, IT Project Coordinator
    • Colleague SIS - Patrice Armor, Senior Manager, Applications Development
      • {Vacant}, Sr. Applications Developer
      • {Vacant}, Applications Developer III
      • Michael Nelson, Applications Developer II
      • Peter Dougherty, Applications Developer I
      • Ed Reiss, Applications Developer I
    • Oracle e-Business- Arman Rashid, Senior Manager, Applications Development
      • {Vacant}, Sr. Applications Developer
      • Jorge Gonzalez Aguirre, Sr. Applications Developer
      • Lena McLain, Sr. Applications Developer
      • Cesar Gonzalez, Applications Developer III
      • William Sharon, Applications Developer II
    • Business & Web Applications - {Vacant}, Manager, Applications Development
      • Ward Durossette, Sr. Applications Developer
      • Chris Spain, Contracted Sr. Applications Developer
      • Michael Tran, Sr. Applications Developer
      • Tim Refsland, Sharepoint Administrator
      • {Vacant}, Applications Developer I
      • {Vacant}, Web Applications Developer
      • {Vacant} Applications Developer I
  • Cyberinfrastructure Services - Todd Horkman, Director
    • Brittany Bruno, Sr. Integration Analyst
    • Chris Ott, Data Warehouse Architect
    • Svetlana Galuzinschii, Sr. Integration Analyst
    • Systems - Roger Hill, Manager, Database Administrator
      • Tai Chan, Integration Analyst
      • Qian Hu, Systems Engineer
    • Network - Andrew Clemens, Manager, Telecom and Network Infrastructure
      • JP Williams, Network Engineer
      • Wally Campbell, Sr. Network Engineer
    • Security - Kerry Williams, Manager, Information Security
      • {Vacant}, Support Specialist I
      • Drew Turner, Data Security Analyst
      • Cody Wheat, Sr. Privacy and Security Analyst
    • Unified Communications - Mike Parker, Manager, Unified Communications
      • {Vacant}, Exchange Administrator
      • Darren Welborn, Contracted Telecom Engineer
      • Darren Bergman, Telecom Engineer
      • J McLain, Integration Analyst
      • Karen Waring, University Console Operator
      • Ruby Fabela, University Console Operator


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