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Getting Started with YouTube

Instructors may find the unlimited storage, mobile-compatibility, universal design, and cross-platform attributes of YouTube to be a great way to share videos with students. It is recommended that

Add TWU Outlook email to Outlook for iOS (for faculty/staff)

Open the Outlook app Tap Get Started Enter TWU email address when prompted and tap Add Account On the next screen, tap Not Office 365 in the upper right corner. Tap Change Account Provider

Make text appear larger in Apple and Windows

Windows Ctrl+scroll the mouse wheel Microsoft Support provides information on this topic.  Mac cmd and + or - Apple Support provides information on this topic. We do our best to

Repair an Office Application or the entire Office Suite

Please see the official Microsoft article for repairing Office programs:​ We do our best

Pioneer Portal: Navigating the New Modern Skin

Pioneer Portal works best with the Modern theme. Change the Portal theme by accessing My Settings > Customize My Portal and clicking modern. This theme is arranged a little differently from the

Windows: screen image is upside down

​If the screen image is showing upside down, hold down CONTROL + ALT on the keyboard and press the up arrow. This will correct the screen image orientation. For additional support, contact the

VPN Application Usage

Access without VPN Examples of internal resources you can access without VPN: Colleague Self Service & Web Advisor Cloud-based applications (e.g. Canvas, PsychData, Service Center

Reactivate Duo Mobile for New Devices

New Device (phone, tablet, etc.) New phones need to be connected with your current Duo account. To do so, you'll need to reactivate Duo Mobile. Contact the Technology Service Desk for activation

Setting up Microsoft Remote Desktop on Mac

These are steps to set up access from an off-campus Mac to a Windows PC on campus through VPN. You will need VPN access for these steps to work. Install Remote Desktop Open the Mac App Store

VPN: reason 442 error when trying to connect

1. Go to Start > Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Change adapter settings. 2. There should be a local area connectionwith a description saying "Cisco Systems VPN

Colleague-Using XCDR to Add Student Restrictions

Prerequisites Staff member must have Colleague Mnemonic XCDR available through the ST – Student System. Staff member's Staff and Volunteer (SVM) record must include the appropriate office code

No Computer Audio through Speakers

If the volume level on the computer and the A/V control system is turned up, but the computer audio does not play through the system speakers, the default audio device may need to be changed in

iPhone: Lookup a Phone Number or Email Address in Exchange from the TWU Global Address List

TWU faculty or staff members' telephone extensions are available in the TWU Global Address List. Tap Contacts and then tap Groups. Select the Exchange account. This may appear as username

Three-Way Calling Using a Polycom Voice Point

Note: TWU’s conference room telephone system supports a maximum of three parties on a conference call regardless location. This phone must be plugged into a working digital line phone jack. To

Faculty Self Service - Submit Final Grades on Behalf of Another Instructor

When faculty or staff need to submit final grades on another faculty member's behalf will need to contact the Registrar's office for access to do this. Steps to submit final grades can be found