Faculty and Staff Giving FAQs

Am I giving to the University or to the Foundation? You are donating to the University through the TWU Foundation (TWUF). The Foundation accepts, receives and receipts all charitable contributions on behalf of the university and the funds are transferred to the university for use.

Is this related to SECC (State Employee Charitable Campaign)? No, SECC is a campaign that offers employees the opportunity to choose an area nonprofit organization to support through the United Way. If you chose to support TWUF with your SECC donation (thank you!), it was designated for scholarships. Your gift was received and processed by the United Way of Denton County. United Way then sends the TWU Foundation the donated funds.

How can I make my donation? You have the chance to support any area in the University you are passionate about by making a donation either online on the faculty and staff giving page, or by establishing a payroll deduction. You can also send checks to the Office of University Advancement, PO Box 425618.

Is there a deadline to submit my payroll deduction form for the first donation to be reflected in the next pay period? Forms must be received by the University Advancement by the 10th of the month prior to the start of the deduction. For example, to start a deduction for April, forms need to be submitted by March 10. If it is received after that date, the deduction will initiate in May. The payroll deduction authorization form is available in the Files section of this page, or contact advancement@twu.edu to request the form. 

Where will my deduction appear on my pay-stub? Your donation deduction will be shown in the section labeled “After-Tax Deductions” on your pay-stub.

Does the Advancement Office or TWU Foundation determine how my donation is spent or allocated? Absolutely not! You designate where your donation goes. Each account at the TWUF is a replica, or mirror, of the account of the same purpose for the university. Every dollar donated for a specific fund is transferred to the university.

I really enjoy the people I work with, how can I support the faculty and staff community? Great question! The sick leave bank isn’t the only way to support fellow faculty and staff. There is also an Employee Emergency Fund which allows the Human Resources department to assist faculty and staff on any campus who have emergency needs or face a natural disaster. For example, in 2017 there were faculty and staff members from the Houston area that received some assistance after Hurricane Harvey devastated the area. We’re all in this together, and together we can make our TWU family the best possible.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Garrett Holland at GHolland1@twu.edu


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