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IT Solutions is proud to partner with the Student Union and Libraries to offer convenient on-demand access to full-function laptop computers in the Student Union at Hubbard Hall and Blagg-Huey Library on the Denton campus. Each kiosk holds 30 laptops which students may check-out for four hours during building operational hours.

  • Laptops may be used in the Union and Library only and during operational hours
  • All files saved to the laptop will be deleted upon check-in--save to a cloud drive or external storage before check-in
  • Laptop should be wiped with cleaning wipe before it is checked-in; do not spray laptops with cleaning spray
  • Student is responsible for the laptop while checked out
  • NOTE: Photo will be captured at time of check-out and check-in

Getting started and support

Check-Out Process

  1. Tap Check Out on the screen
  2. Read and agree to the terms and conditions
  3. Swipe your TWU ID (strip facing to the left)
  4. Enter your TWU password (HINT: tap Shift if you don't see your special character)
  5. Tap Submit
  6. Collect the laptop from its bay

Check-In Process

  1. Slide the laptop into an open bay
  2. (If it's only been a few minutes, select the reason for the return)
  3. The process is complete when you see the receipt (which will also be emailed to you)

See the FAQ for more info

For additional support, contact the Technology Service Desk at,, submit a request through the Technology Service Catalog, or submit a request by clicking Request Service on this page.

Who can use it

  • Students

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