Printing and Printer Setup


Network printers are set up for departments to provide fast, cost-effective, and quality printing. Most departments have access to a black and white laser printer. Additional network printers, color laserjet printers, and maintenance kits will need to be purchased by the department (HP only). Contact the Technology Service Desk to initiate a price quote and to schedule installation once the product(s) arrives (HP only).

All Faculty and Staff should have access to at least one multi-function or B/W Laserjet located on each floor of every building at all TWU locations.  In an effort to become more environmentally-friendly, TWU has moved away from personal (desktop) inkjet printers where possible but support them when needed.

GoPrint stations are available in all the major computer labs on TWU's campuses so that students have easy access to be able to print homework assignments, syllabi, and papers. Printing is managed by GoPrint print job release stations in these labs. With rooms like the MegaLab in Denton, and the main computer labs in Dallas and Houston, there is a need to help manage printing to help TWU be an efficient, green campus. GoPrint helps cut down on wasted paper and saves money, a savings which can be passed back to the students and on to nature.

Getting started and support

For departments, there are two choices for printing

  • TWU-leased: TWU contracts to lease printers for departments who prefer not to purchase. TWU Procurement manages the contract with the leasing company. The department must facilitate the process of obtaining service directly with the vendor. IT Solutions will provide the vendor with technical and/or networking details for the vendor to take care of installation or troubleshooting. The department purchases supplies, and service would be through the contracted vendor. The vendor may submit a ticket to the Technology Service Desk in order to have an Onsite Technician provide technical and/or networking details.
  • TWU-owned: The department purchases the printer along with the supplies to keep the machine operational.  IT Solutions will provide the service support and manage the service agreement with the vendor.

For additional support, contact the Technology Service Desk at,, submit a request through the Technology Service Catalog, or submit a request by clicking Request Service on this page.

Who can use it

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Students


Black and white double-sided printing is covered by the student technology fee. The expectation is that students will not use printers to make copies. There is a copy machine in the Student Union and a few copy machines in the Library on the Denton campus. Color printing is $0.40 per page and currently available in the Denton library computer lab, the TRC (Technology Resource Center) lab in MCL 221 and the MCL Megalab. BYOD printing is also available in Megalab, Guinn Commons Lab, and Blagg-Huey Library.

Departments and offices will cover the cost of leasing printers and related support fees.

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printing and printer set up

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