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TWU email on an iPhone
Users request an increase in mailbox size.
Steps to forward TWU email to another address
Create a mail archive on a computer, a connected hard drive, or a mapped network drive to store email and especially mail with audio and/or video attachments.
Log on to TWU Gmail
TWU gmail can be synced with iPhones and iPads.
Public folders feature auto-reply. This feature can be used for Out of office or other automated responses.
Follow the steps below to view Public Folder email in Outlook Favorites pane.
While away from the office for a day or more (vacation, conference, illness, etc), it is advisable to use Outlook's Out of Office Assistant to set automatic replies during that period.
Users can add images to their signature in Outlook Web Access email signature.
To send an email to multiple recipients without them seeing who else received the email, place all of the addresses into the BCC address field of the email. Use the BCC option (blind carbon copy) in the message to add all recipients, leaving the TO field and the CC fields empty.
Users can disable Conversation View (ungroup messages) in Outlook or Outlook Webmail.