Active Learning Spaces

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Each Active Learning Space uses custom selected hardware and software to ensure that the Active Learning Space allows the students utilize the space as desired.

Examples of the Active Learning Spaces at TWU include the Pioneer Center for Student Excellence, the Mursion Lab, and the Center for Research Design and Analysis. Technology also supports discipline-specific technology in classrooms. 

The Pioneer Center for Student Excellence  was designed with flexibility and collaboration in mind. Each room has AppleTVs, PCs, and screen sharing hardware to allow students to share their work and collaborate. Additionally a computer lab, laptops, and mobile videoconference units are available for student us; allowing students to connect and work together even if some are unable to be physically present.

The Mursion Lab is the first of its kind in Texas. Equipped with TeachLive, the classroom creates a virtual classroom with human-controlled student avatars, allowing student teachers to practice teaching in front of a classroom. The room is also equipped with a PC and interactive whiteboard, further enriching the classroom experience for the student teacher.

The Center for Research Design and Analysis (CRDA) provides faculty and students with the appropriate level of support needed for their qualitative and quantitative research.  Additionally, CRDA will assist faculty with their current research projects, increase faculty and students’ knowledge about the research process and data analysis, and train graduate statistics students (GRAs) in research and analysis consulting. 

Guinn Commons Computer Lab, redesigned and upgraded in summer 2018, is a multi-purpose space featuring an enclosed quiet space room with a solstice pod for sharing digital content; individual work stations; and an open area with desks arranged for group work and collaboration.

Examples of discipline-specific specialty technology in classrooms include high-quality audio in Music classrooms, 3D printing in a Visual Art classroom, and performance video and audio in the Dance department. 

Getting started and support

For additional support, contact the Technology Service Desk at 940-898-3971,,, or submit a request through the Technology Service Catalog.

Who can use it

Departments and offices may request specialty spaces.


These spaces are typically funded by grants, departmental budgets, and/or IT Solutions. 


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