Enhanced Classroom

Enhanced Classroom Technology - The Enhanced Classroom includes the same technologies as the Core Classroom with the added capability to show two different inputs (right monitor, left monitor, HDMI, or Screen Share) on different Projectors/Screen and/or Displays in the Room.

  • Integrated Computer with Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
  • Dual Monitors (Left Privacy and Right Displayed)
  • Projector(s) and Screen(s) and/or Display(s) for In-room Video Enhancement
  • Wireless Microphone(s) for In-room Audio Enhancement
  • Integrated Amplifier and Room Speakers 
  • Integrated Room Microphone(s) for Conferencing and Recording
  • Integrated Camera(s) for Conferencing and Recording
  • Touch Panel for Room Technology Control 
  • Document camera 
  • HDMI Input for Connecting Personal Devices
  • Screen Share for Wirelessly Connecting Personal Devices (Ditto or Solstice)
  • Web Conferencing via Zoom 
  • Lecture Capture via Panopto 

Learning Environment Technology standards include the following technologies:   
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