Core Classroom

Core Classroom Technology - the following technologies will be found in most TWU Learning Environments

  • Integrated Computer with Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
  • Dual Monitors (Left Privacy and Right Displayed)
  • Projector(s) and Screen(s) and/or Display(s) for In-room Video Enhancement
  • Wireless Microphone(s) for In-room Audio Enhancement
  • Integrated Amplifier and Room Speakers 
  • Integrated Room Microphone(s) for Conferencing and Recording
  • Integrated Camera(s) for Conferencing and Recording
  • Touch Panel for Room Technology Control 
  • Document camera 
  • HDMI Input for Connecting Personal Devices
  • Screen Share for Wirelessly Connecting Personal Devices (Ditto or Solstice)
  • Web Conferencing via Zoom 
  • Lecture Capture via Panopto 

Learning Environment Technology standards include the following technologies:   
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