Mission, Values, and Strategic Priorities


Empower an agile, digital university and elevate technology as a strategic institutional asset.


  • Collaborative: serving as strategic partners and co-creators with our university constituents
  • Human-centered: designing systems and services that focus on people and their use of technology, not the technology itself
  • Innovative: pioneering new ways for delivering value
  • Accountable: challenging ourselves and our teammates to bring the highest levels of professional excellence, agility, and passion to our work
  • Transparent and comprehensive: engaging our community through open communication and shared decision-making

Strategic Priorities


Strategic Actions

  • Deliver personalized, mobile student experiences 
  • Enable student retention & success
  • Champion career-ready digital citizens


research • need-driven • students first • externally aware • student-centered • personal connections

What It Means

Prioritize & invest in technologies that directly impact student experience, retention & success

Expose students to technology they will encounter in the workplace (eg, modern collaboration, productivity, career-specific & research tools)

Prepare students who can “thrive in a constantly evolving technological landscape” (ISTE)

Digital Workplace

Strategic Actions

  • Empower confident, digitally-savvy faculty & staff
  • Streamline & digitally transform processes
  • Modernize productivity tools for the workforce


digital dexterity • empowered • paperless • process efficiency • training • embracing change • communication • transparent • well-defined

What It Means

Focus on skills development, user agility & adaptability, appropriate minimum technology skills for faculty and staff, and self-help/self-service options over a “do it for you” approach

Reengineer processes to take advantage of digital capabilities

Provide modern technology tools that foster communication & collaboration, & enhance employee productivity (expectations for both tools & employee skill set)

Seamless & Connected

Strategic Actions

  • Architect an integrated & optimized technology ecosystem
  • Enable anytime, anywhere access from any device
  • Deliver modern & intuitive information & systems


Integrated • optimized • modern • responsive • personalized • adaptable • flexible • fast • cohesive • intuitive • networked • accessible • intentional • standardized

What It Means

Maximize the use of systems out-of-the-box; optimize for the fewest possible systems to meet user needs & university objectives

Streamline our environment with an intentionally-designed ecosystem architecture & applications that are seamlessly integrated

Acquire or develop information & systems that is/are modern, intuitive, interoperable, device agnostic, highly available (anytime, anywhere), customizable/personalizable, & sustainable

Shared Stewardship

Strategic Actions

  • Meaningfully safeguard privacy & security
  • Enable data-driven decision-making using a ‘single source of truth’
  • Promote shared responsibility for technology & collaborative decision-making


collaborative • communication • shared goals/responsibility • governance • agency • accountability • aligned • strategic • goal-oriented • standardized • transparent • data-driven

What It Means

Create a culture of shared responsibility around data, privacy, security, & technology

Eliminate silos in data & improve data access, transparency, quality, reliability, & governance

Work collaboratively to make institutionally-focused technology decisions for the greatest good, rather than as individuals or in silos

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