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Pioneer Alert Signup Instructions: Faculty and Staff

TWU Pioneer Emergency Notification information will be used to send emergency communications about campus safety situations, evacuation, or campus closings due to inclement weather or other situations

Charter Cable TV Channel Line-Up

# Channel Name # Channel Name 3 CBS - KTVT 33 TLC 4 NBC

Perform a Channel Scan (Charter Cable TV Service)

Press the “Menu” button on your remote or search for the “Menu” from your TV Go to “Setup” or “Settings” Go to “Installation” or “System” or “Channels” Go to “Scan channels”, “Program

Office 365 LinkedIn Learning Training

Overview Courses Learning Office 365 (1:42) [link] Office 365 for Educators (2:15) [link] Team Collaboration in Office 365 (2:32) [link] Learning Microsoft Teams for Education (0:57) [link

Google Drive for Faculty and Staff

Features Store a variety of file formats. Files you can store in Google Drive Share files with users with Google accounts around the world. Edit Google documents online using Google’s

Colleague-Using XPRRU for Semester Payment Status

Prerequisites To run the process, the user must have Colleague Mnemonic XPRRUavailable through the ST – Student System. To view the data, the user will need to have access to the Institutional

Apple TV

Denton Conference Room On TV remote, change the input to Apple TV. Connect to twunet-share wireless network on the Apple device. Password: 2-getherlearn Select AirPlay on the Apple device

Create a Folder on the X-Drive

Navigate to Pioneer Portal. Click MyTools > Faculty/Staff Tools > XDrive Storage Group Management. Under Select Action, select New Group. Enter a Name for the new Group. Enter usernames

Map X-Drive on Windows

Click on the Start button  Select Computer or File Explorer In the left-hand list of items, right-click on Computer or This PC   Select Map network drive... to open the mapping dialog In the

IT Solutions Organizational Chart

Jason Tomlinson, VP of Finance & Administration and Interim CIO  {Vacant}, Chief Information Officer Cori Trevino, Deputy CIO & Director, Customer Experience & Engagement Customer Experience

Strategic Plan

Research and deliver classroom technologies to create engaged learning environments. Provide reliable and secure infrastructure for information access and exchange. Rapidly respond to the needs of

International Calling

Features CenturyLink worldcard Calling Card international service originates from many international locations which terminate calls to the US. Calls originating in the U.S. and Canada terminate to

Information Security Standard - Web Conferencing

Web Conferencing Objective - Web conferencing tools have become a regular part of University business. This standard defines best practices for using web conferencing and virtual collaboration

Adding to Blocked Senders list in ProofPoint

Access on campus or through VPN. ​Open the daily report from Proof Point or navigate to If any mail should be reported as SPAM click Report Spam to the left of

Remove user from an X-Drive folder

Log on to Pioneer Portal Click My Tools Click X Drive Storage Group Management  (under Faculty/Staff Tools) In the Select action... dropdown, select MODIFY group Type in the exact folder name