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Colleague-Look Up a Course Code (SECT)

For faculty and staff ​1. Open the SECT mnemonic in Colleague. 2. In the Course Section LookUp box, enter the course information in this format:2021SP LS*5843*15​ and press ENTER. (Prior to

Apple TV

Denton Conference Room On TV remote, change the input to Apple TV. Connect to twunet-share wireless network on the Apple device. Password: 2-getherlearn Select AirPlay on the Apple device

Map X-Drive on Windows

Click on the Start button  Select Computer or File Explorer In the left-hand list of items, right-click on Computer or This PC   Select Map network drive... to open the mapping dialog In the

Technology Governance

The purpose of technology governance is to ensure that IT Solutions: a) is strategically aligned with the University; b) creates opportunities and maximizes benefits; c) uses resources responsibly

Using Public Folders with Voicemail

Folder owners have the access/permission to add & remove personnel that will be checking the messages. Any person checking the voicemail for 8xxxxx must be listed as a folder owner.  Add “MICADMIN” as

WebAdvisor-Resolving Maximum Cookies Error

When navigating to WebAdvisor or clicking a link that goes to a page in WebAdvisor, a message appears saying "The maximum number of cookie values has been reached." and WebAdvisor does not load

Document Camera

Document camera, also known as digital overhead magnifies in real-time an object or document to a large audience. Some classrooms have a wireless document camera located on the desk, other document

Create a Folder on the X-Drive

Navigate to Pioneer Portal. Click MyTools > Faculty/Staff Tools > XDrive Storage Group Management. Under Select Action, select New Group. Enter a Name for the new Group. Enter usernames

Strategic Plan

Research and deliver classroom technologies to create engaged learning environments. Provide reliable and secure infrastructure for information access and exchange. Rapidly respond to the needs of

WebAdvisor-Update books required for a course

​If an instructor wants to change the books listed in WebAdvisor that are required for a course, contact the bookstore at (940) 898-3103. For additional support, contact the Technology Service Desk

Colleague-Using XPRRU for Semester Payment Status

Prerequisites To run the process, the user must have Colleague Mnemonic XPRRUavailable through the ST – Student System. To view the data, the user will need to have access to the Institutional

Colleague-Using XCDR to End Student Restrictions

Prerequisites Staff member must have Colleague Mnemonic XCDR available through the ST – Student System. Staff member's Staff and Volunteer (SVM) record must include the appropriate office code

WebAdvisor-Print a Tuition Bill or Payments

Log in to WebAdvisor using these steps: WebAdvisor-Log on S​elect Student.​ Navigate to Financial Information (2nd blue bar on left side of page). Select Account Summary by Term. This will

Active Learning Spaces

Features Each Active Learning Space uses custom selected hardware and software to ensure that the Active Learning Space allows the students utilize the space as desired. Examples of the Active

View Employee Directory Information

To review the information currently on the INTERNET  Navigate to the TWU homepage   Click Directories (found in the upper right corner)  Use the box labeled Search by Last Name  Type in