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ADA Compliance

Related policies and procedures In order for the University to be compliant with State and Federal ADA regulations, a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) or a VPAT Exception form must

How to View Grant Awards

Go to Log on as a college Under Activity Aggregations, select Honors, Awards, and Grants The default view is for all departments, the last five years, all types of grants (teaching

Sedona: How to Retrieve a Password

Navigate to Click I forgot my ID/password Enter TWU email address and click Submit. An email will be sent with login information. Click Login to Sedona to continue

Log on to Sedona

Sedona separates faculty into colleges. Here is the key: TWA - College of Arts & Sciences (and other staff/administrators) TWB - College of Business TWH - College of Health Sciences TWN

Department/Component Administration

Log on at the College/Department/Component Level Navigate to Select Account Type “Department” or "College" Enter your college ID Enter your department ID Enter your

Dean Administrative Duties

Log on to Sedona Open a web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari) Type in the address bar Change the Account Type to “College” Type in the college ID TWA

Download to Microsoft Word and Formatting

Log on to the Sedona System ( using Chrome or Firefox. Click CV.  Click Word. A Word document appears in the lower left corner with a file name of .doc. Double-click to

Remote Desktop (RDP) from iPad - if already on the internal TWU network

To connect to a Windows PC Open the App Store app Find the search box in the top right-hand corner and type Microsoft Remote Desktop. Choose to download the app. Open the new RD Client app

Print Screen on Mac

Click here for support We do our best to link to only the best external sites but we cannot be held responsible for the quality or accuracy of such websites. For additional support, please

Konica Minolta Recycling Program

(from Procurement and Contract Services) Departments currently leasing a Konica Minolta copier from Image Net can utilize the recycling program Konica Minolta has set up for their customers

Install IBM SPSS Statistics 28 on a Mac

To install SPSS on a Mac at a TWU workstation, contact the Technology Service Desk. STEP 1 - Un-install Earlier Versions If you currently have SPSS 25 (or another earlier version) on your Mac

IHSD room # 6601 (Computer Lab) information

Computer Lab Technology Computer Lab consists of 116 single-monitor computer workstations with Windows 10 operating system 5 dual-monitor computer workstations with Windows 10

Outlook: Creating Personal Folders and Archives

Please see the instructions on the Microsoft website for each version of Office.  Note: To create space in Outlook/Exchange, archive to an X:\ or G:\ drive. Archiving to C:\ will not free up any

Sign on to TWU Gmail

Log in to TWU Gmail for the first time:   Your TWU Gmail account is created approximately 4 hours after your Pioneer Portal account is created. If you have not done so, you can

Add a Public Folder to the Favorites List

In Outlook 2016, look for the ··· button in the lower-left corner, to the right of Tasks, and choose Folders. Scroll down to the bottom, and click the arrow to expand Public Folders - username