Custom Application/Form Testing


Custom Application Testing

  • In most cases, a separate set of servers is used for testing (note the "" instead of "" in the Uniform Resource Locator (URL). Please do not use these URLs for anything but testing. A non dev URL will be the URL that should be published via print, mailing, web pages, and email. This will be provided once testing is complete.
  • After a change has been requested, made, published to test, the change has been tested, and deemed satisfactory, notify IT Solutions through the change ticket, and the code changes will be moved onto our production server and it will be "live".

Some things to Test and Try:

  • Test submitting forms, filling out information, and that features that are expected to be working are indeed working
  • If emails being sent are part of the custom form, ensure that emails are being received as expected
  • Try to enter invalid or bad data into the form, and then submit the form and see if errors can be generated. To report any issues, please submit a ticket to the service desk by clicking report a bug on this page.
  • Try to submit the form with missing data to determine if the form is broken. To report any issues, please submit a ticket to the service desk by clicking report a bug on this page.
  • Have others in the department test the form using the testing URLs.
  • Test by trying to break the application. Getting errors is the goal. Put in bad data, wrong data, etc to see how the application handles bad input.
  • For a specific application/form, please reference the testing documents provided by IT Solutions developer.

Getting started and support

Before this service is available to a team, please submit a Custom Application/Form development request by contacting the Technology Service Desk at,, submit a request through the Technology Service Catalog, or submit a request by visiting the Custom Application/Form Development service page.

Who can use it

Departments and components that have requested a Custom Application/Form. This service is used during the Testing phase.

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