Technology Offboarding for Resigning or Retiring Employees

Most access is revoked following the successful completion of the PTF (personnel transaction form). Access to University Systems is terminated at the end of the business day on the last day of employment unless paperwork is submitted to initiate a subsequent active appointment. Access includes Exchange (Outlook, Public Folders, Calendars, etc.), Google Suite (email, calendar, docs, etc), all enterprise system access (e.g. Canvas, RingCentral, Service Center, Colleague, Oracle, etc.), Pioneer Portal, Office 365, and X-Drive.

Offboarding Steps For the Employee

Offboarding Steps For the Manager

  • Confirm with the employee that all electronic files containing University data from personally owned computers, mobile devices, storage media (hard drives/flash drives) have been migrated to a shared drive and removed.
  • If the employee is retaining another role at TWU, contact the Service Desk to remove access to other systems. This is important especially when the employee has a status change and their account will remain active in the case of a dual role or otherwise.
  • Ensure that the employee has returned any University-owned property including computer, cell phone, laptop, and printers. Update information in iAssets.
  • Verify removal of employee from department web pages (may need to contact Directory removal (unless Emeritus or continuing active employment in another role at TWU) will be completed upon notification to the Service Desk about RingCentral (see below).
  • Have the employee provide you with access to important documents, files and emails and transfer ownership of data in Google applications, Outlook, and O365 (instructions in employee section above). 
  • Contact the Service Desk to have the employee removed from RingCentral (both individual account and queues), if applicable.
  • Remove them from X-Drive.
  • Remove them from public folders and/or create a service ticket to have them removed from public folders.
  • Review internal departmental reporting and communication to ensure any automatically generated reports are forwarded to new person
  • Inform others that the employee is no longer available at their TWU email address.
  • Review mailing list ownership or moderation privileges for the employee (contact the Service Desk for assistance) and make plans for new ownership or moderation.


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