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Campus Emergency Phones

General Emergency Phone Information: Emergency Phones can be used to request assistance or an escort, report suspicious activity or crime in progress, and any other form of emergency. The phones

Redact SSN and DOB Data

Note: the birth year is not for public distribution at any time according to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). SSN For Social Security Number, the first five digits should be


Prerequisites Faculty member must have a valid Portal username and password. Faculty member must have a valid Colleague account. Faculty member must be an active employee. Faculty member

Colleague-Using GROS Grade Roster

Using the GROS (Grade Roster) Mnemonic Prerequisite: The staff member must have Colleague Mnemonic GROS available through the ST- Student System.     Purpose

ACT 502 Switch display input

​Use the television remote to switch display inputs ​between the LifeSize unit and the Apple TV. The remote may be stored in the cabinets in that room.​ For additional support, contact the

Make Multi-Voice Calls on Lifesize Team 220 and Room 220

On the round Lifesize pod click Call on the touch screen. Press Keypad then enter the following: (campus call) area code + phone number (local call) area code + phone number  (long

Colleague-Using SLC to Create a Savedlist of Colleague IDs

Prerequisite Staff member must have Colleague Mnemonic SLC available through the ST – Student System. Navigate to Colleague. Enter Portal username and password and click Sign In. At the

WebAdvisor-Check Application or Admission Status

Navigate to WebAdvisor.  Click Login in the upper right corner. Enter your TWU username and password. Do not add to the username. Click Submit. Click the blue rectangle labeled

Classroom Projector Image is Split, Jittering, or Rolling

​This issue presents itself in a number of ways: A jagged line through the image Image is shaking or rolling Static through part or all of the image Image appears shifted, with part of

File Storage and Sharing Options: X-Drive vs. Google Drive vs. OneDrive

The University community has many options for shared file storage. Google Drive, OneDrive, and the “X-Drive,” are free to faculty, staff, and students and supported by IT Solutions. Each of these

TWU Gmail to iPhone or iPad

​1. Open the Settings app. 2. Tap Accounts & Passwords 3. Tap the Add Account button. 4. Tap Gmail 5. Enter TWU email address and password. 6. Select the items  to sync and tap Done

Request a Cell Phone Stipend

General Selected employees are required to be available by cellular communications.  The University, at its option, may provide a University-owned cellular device or issue an individual a stipend

Adjust GMail/Exchange Settings - Faculty and Staff

By default, all faculty and staff email is forwarded to a GMail account.  Log on to the Pioneer Portal. Click My Settings. Click Change My TWU GMail Settings. Review your Current TWU GMail

Sign on to TWU Gmail

Log in to TWU Gmail for the first time:   Your TWU Gmail account is created approximately 4 hours after your Pioneer Portal account is created. If you have not done so, you can

Training Resources: All Employees Written Communication

LinkedIn Learning: Writing Formal Business Letters and Emails Online, On-Demand       38 minutes          Free  Transform Your Writing Skills Online, On-Demand       Self paced