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Dallas Poster Printing Procedure

IT Solutions-Dallas provides faculty and staff with low cost and high quality poster printing services on the Dallas campus. Students who wish to submit posters must do so through a faculty liaison

Creating Accessible Multimedia and Web Content

How to Make Audio Descriptions PDF Accessibility WCAG 2.0 Compliance WCAG Accessibility Cheat Sheets National Center on Disability and Access to Education (NCDAE) Cheatsheets LinkedIn

Getting Started: New Employees

Welcome to Texas Woman’s University! IT Solutions is committed to service. There are many available systems and options new employees may need to access as they start their new position. Where to

Setting Up Outlook 2016 On Mac

Navigate to Applications and open Microsoft Outlook.  Click Get Started.  Select Outlook view and click Continue.  Start Using Outlook.  Click Add Account.  Select the Exchange or Office 365

Outlook: Remove or change meeting organizer

Outlook does not provide a way to change a meeting organizer. To change the meeting organizer of a recurring meeting, end the recurring meeting. To do this, set an earlier end date and

Turn off Conversation View in Outlook or Outlook Webmail

Messages in the Microsoft Outlook Inbox and other mail folders can be organized by date and arranged by Conversation. When Conversations is turned on, messages that share the same subject appear as

Add a Public Folder to the Favorites List

In Outlook 2016, look for the ··· button in the lower-left corner, to the right of Tasks, and choose Folders. Scroll down to the bottom, and click the arrow to expand Public Folders - username

Outlook: How to Enable the BCC Field

If the BCC field is not displayed, follow these steps provided by the vendor: When sending emails to groups, using this feature prevents anyone from using the Reply All feature. We do our best

Outlook: Creating Personal Folders and Archives

Please see the instructions on the Microsoft website for each version of Office.  Note: To create space in Outlook/Exchange, archive to an X:\ or G:\ drive. Archiving to C:\ will not free up any

Add image to signature in Outlook Webmail

1. Upload image to the internet in a place where it is publicly accessible  2. View the image in browser 3. Copy and paste image in to signature editor Note: With this method, the image

Add TWU Outlook email to Outlook for iOS (for faculty/staff)

Open the Outlook app Tap Get Started Enter TWU email address when prompted and tap Add Account On the next screen, tap Not Office 365 in the upper right corner. Tap Change Account Provider

Access Public Folders

In Microsoft Outlook 2016 In Outlook 2016, look for the "..." button in the lower-left corner, to the right of Tasks, and choose Folders. Scroll down to the bottom, and click the arrow to

Send from another email in Outlook Webmail

​To send from an email address, request Send As rights.  To request Send As rights, contact the Technology Service Desk.​ In Outlook Webmail​​, start a new email. Click Options... at the top

Houston Poster Printing Procedure

Houston Campus Operations/IT Solutions - Houston provides faculty and staff with low cost and high-quality poster printing services at Houston campus. Large poster printing with a maximum 42” width

Navigate the Technology Service Catalog, Knowledge Base, and Questions (FAQ)

IT Solutions created a short video to introduce the TWU community to its Services Suite. The Technology Service Catalog, Knowledge Base, and FAQ are navigable using categories, tags, and/or search