Understanding the Core Requirements Section


In Texas, a student can complete the Core Requirements in multiple ways:

  • Complete the institutional core courses or transfer in direct equivalents from another school
  • Transfer in a course with the Core section code (10, 20, 30, etc.) from another Texas school
  • Transfer in with a status of ‘Core Complete’ from another Texas school

The degree plan/audit in My Progress has been designed to accommodate the completion of a Core requirement by any of the above three methods. To do this, each Core section will display three different requirements, each one representing a rule for one of the three methods.Only one requirement is needed to complete that Core section.

Do not concern yourself with each sub-requirement! Rather, only focus on the course requirements listed in the description at the top of each section.

To search for courses in the catalog that complete a Core requirement, use the Search button available on the right side of the row for sub-requirement 3.




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