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My Progress will display the degree plan evaluation for your current, official major on file. If you have multiple majors, it will display the requirements for one major at a time. You can use the arrows to toggle between your active majors.

The Progress bar provides a quick glance at the completed (dark green), registered (light green), and planned (yellow) hours that are applicable to your specific degree plan.

The Requirements section shows the specific degree plan requirements by the various sections of Core, Global Perspectives, Major, Department (if required), Minor (if exists), and minimum advanced level hours.

Completed requirements display in green and show a check mark with the fulfilled number of completed hours.

Requirements that have not been completed but that are planned out will be coded in red, have a yellow checkmark, and will state "Fully Planned," which means that you have registered for the remaining courses or placed all of the remaining courses for that section in your planned term calendars in the Plan & Schedule section of Student Planning.

Click on the Show Details link to expand the section and view the specific courses needed to fulfill that requirement.

You can click on any hyperlinked course listed in your degree plan to go to the Catalog in Plan & Register for the course description and offerings.

You can also use the Search button to the right of the course to access the course description and offerings in Plan & Register.


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