Planning Courses by Term

To plan a future term, use the arrows in the upper right next to the term name to select a different term.

  •  The system only shows Fall and Spring terms by default.
  •  Use the [+] button to add summer terms.

You can search for courses from Plan & Schedule without going back to your degree plan in My Progress if you prefer. Simply use the Search for courses box in the upper right corner of any page in Student Planning.

You can select the Add Course to Plan option from the upper right side of the course box to add the plan to a future term for planning purposes even without a specific section.

Courses added to the plan for a specific term, but without a section, will appear on the left side in the term.

  •  You can view the offered sections, if the schedule is available at that time, by selecting View other sections.
  •  If the course is not offered that term, it will show No sections available.
  •  You can remove the planned course from the term by clicking the X under the course name.

If a planned course has a prerequisite or a co-requisite, a message will appear in yellow notifying you of the specific requirements.


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