Registering for Courses

Once courses sections have been added to your planned schedule, they will appear in yellow and labeled Planned but not registered.


  • Courses can be planned to a term at any time.  
  • Sections can be planned once the term’s schedule is open.
  • Planned sections can be registered during the Early Registration period for a term. See the Academic Calendar (click here) for registration dates.

To register for a single planned course, click on the Register button in that specific course box.

To register for all planned courses at once, click on the Register button in the upper right corner.


Once a course is registered, it will change from yellow to green and will have a new status of registered.

You can drop a course using the Drop button on the class box under the following two conditions:

  1. It is during an open registration period for that term.
  2. It is not your last remaining course for that term; otherwise, you will have to withdraw from the term.

Online courses, independent studies, and other courses without physical meeting days and times appear at the bottom of the calendar under Sections with No Meeting Time.




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