Mapping X-Drive on Chromebook

The first step is to ensure VPN is connected. If you need help with VPN Click on the link for steps: Chromebook VPN Connection

The second step is to download a Google app and follow the instructions in the steps below.

  1. Go to the Chrome Web Store and install the app called Network File Share for Chrome OS.
  2. Open the Files app on the Chromebook.
  3. Locate Add New Services. When you locate Files on the Chromebook to "add a new service," it may appear in the upper right in the three dots.
  4. Choose Network File Share for Chrome OS.
  5. Enter the share path for the network file share. The share to be added should display \\xdrive.twu.ed\username 
  6. Click on the box that says My file share needs a password
  7. Enter in the user information FS\username
  8. Enter the user password
  9. For safety, do not store the credentials
  10. Click Mount


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