Cloud Services Available in Canvas

If you are using a web application or publisher website for materials and assessments in your Canvas course, you may be able to ‘pair’ your Canvas course to the web application or publisher course site so that students can connect to the cloud service from Canvas without having to create a separate login account. Some cloud services allow for additional services between your Canvas course and the cloud service, so that assignments and assessments are accessible in your Canvas course and integrated with your Canvas gradebook.

Instructors Enable Cloud Services in Canvas

Depending on the web application or publisher website, the cloud service will be enabled in Canvas one or more of these ways:

  • Assignment Selection: Configure as an External Tool in an assignment during assignment creation or editing.
  • Homework Submissions: Students will see an additional tab during assignment submission for assignments that accept online submissions.
  • Link Selection: Configure as a module item to launch as an External Tool link.
  • Navigation: Configure to display as a link in course navigation.

Cloud Service Integration Resources

Below you will find a list of web applications or publisher websites currently integrated in Canvas at TWU. Please contact your publisher representative for assistance, or look for the publisher’s own support page on their website. The current list of cloud service integrations in Canvas include:

Request a Publisher Canvas Integration

The process to enable a new web application or a new publisher series into Canvas takes several weeks to complete. The steps include:

  1. Identify the textbook or web application and contact the vendor representative.
  2. Create a Service Desk Ticket requesting a Risk Assessment. Include the vendor representative contact information for the security team to contact for the material and details they need to complete the assessment.
  3. If the completed risk assessment is successfully passed, the Distance Education Advisory Committee (DEAC) will review the new web application or new publisher series for academic relevance. 
  4. Once the academic relevance has been established, create a new Service Desk Ticket requesting the Canvas Integration. Include the contact information for the vendor and the technical support team for the Canvas Administrator to contact and complete the integration process.
  5. Once the Canvas Integration is complete, you will be contacted by the Canvas Administrator.
  6. Contact your vendor representative for documentation, videos, and other resources and support using the publisher content and services in Canvas. Be sure to include Student resources in your course to help them get started accessing publisher content and assignments.

Technical Support

To request technical support, submit a Technology Service Desk email to start a ticket. 


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