Available Resources for Staff Employees

  • Work Related Concerns (Communication with Direct Supervisor):
    • In an effort to resolve work related concerns in the most effective and efficient manner, an employee should first address her/his direct supervisor.
  • Unresolved Work Related Concerns (Follow Chain of Command):
    • When working with your direct supervisor does not resolve the issue, an employee can direct concerns to her/his supervisor’s direct supervisor. 
    • Employees may continue to move through the higher levels in the chain of command to resolve work related concerns.
    • Employees may consult confidentially with the Employee Relations team by appointment at any time.
  • Sexual Misconduct/Sexual Assault/Sexual Harassment incidents and concerns may be reported to the Title IX Team:
    • Title IX Coordinator: Director, Title IX, Parrish Nicholls (pnicholls@twu.edu 940-898-3518)
    • Title IX Deputy: Vice President for Student Life, Monica Mendez-Grant mmendezgrant@twu.edu, 940-898-3601)
    • Title IX Deputy: Athletics Compliance Coordinator, Charlotte Hunt (chunt2@twu.edu, 940-898-2383)
  • Harassment, Discrimination, Retaliation & Other Work Related Concerns may be reported to the Employee Relations Team:
    • Director of Employee Relations, HR Compliance & Equity, Tony Yardley (ayardley@twu.edu, 940-898-3563)
    • Title IX Coordinator: Director, Title IX, Parrish Nicholls (pnicholls@twu.edu 940-898-3518)
  • Additional Resources:



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