Common Questions for Voluntary Benefits

Why is TWU offering Voluntary Benefits?
TWU is offering these benefits to provide options to your current benefit package that are not available through ERS. Voluntary benefits allow you to enhance your overall benefits package by providing you an opportunity to purchase additional insurance products through payroll deduction, often at lower rates than if you were to purchase them on your own.

Can I take these benefits with me if I leave TWU?
Yes. These benefits are portable. You would be responsible for making premium payments directly to the vendor.

I currently participate in AFLAC-will I be allowed to continue this coverage?
If you are currently enrolled in AFLAC, you can continue your current coverage and your payment arrangements. This plan will not be offered as a payroll deduction.

Can I only make changes once a year?
Changes for the Humana products (Accident, Critical Illness, and Indemnity) can be made during annual enrollment or when a family status change occurs. In addition, New Hires will have 30 days to elect this coverage. The remaining benefits are open to changes throughout the year.

Can these deductions be paid with pre-tax dollars?
The premiums for the Humana products (Accident, Critical Illness, and Indemnity) will be deducted on a pre-tax basis as authorized by the Internal Revenue Code. The premiums for the other benefits (Identity Theft, Legal Insurance, Emergency Insurance, and Pet Insurance) are not eligible for pre-tax deduction and will be deducted on a post-tax basis.

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