Required Attachments For A Final Staff Candidate

Before moving a final staff candidate to the phase/state of "Interview 2 / Recommended (add or change)" please attach the following to your candidate:

  • All interview notes from all interviewers for all interviewees 
    • Pro tip:  If it’s clear who the interviewer was and who the interviewee was, scan them all into one PDF document before attaching.
  • Final matrix listing all interviewees, with an averaged score from all interviewers
  • Three completed reference checks

Note:  If your final candidate does not meet the education or experience requirements listed in the official TWU job description for this position, you must also attach a fully executed Hiring Exception Form.

Exception:  If you used the Cloud-based Interview Process for your search, there is no need to attach interview notes or a matrix.

Reminder:  Use your comment box as you're moving your candidate to "Interview 2 / Recommended (add or change)" to communicate important information such as desired start date.

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