Recruiting Activity Center Overview

This dashboard tool will provide users with the TWU Hiring Manager security role a summary of activity for their recruitment requisitions.   (You will not see others’ requisitions.)

To locate the Recruiting Activity Center, click the “My Client Groups” tab, scroll down, and click “Show More.”

Scroll down to the “Hiring” section to see the “Recruiting Activity Center” link.

In the Recruiting Activity Center, there is a summary header that includes listings sorted by the following three “clickable” categories:

  • Applications
  • Requisitions
  • Offers

Click each category to navigate to that category.

Under each of these categories are subcategories:


  • Interviewer proposed new time *
  • Interviewer provided new feedback *
  • Candidate provided more info *
  • Awaiting hiring team review
  • Candidate to provide more info *
  • Expired interview feedback request *

*These subcategories only apply to staff requisitions for which the Cloud-based interview method is being used. You will not see these subcategories in your Recruitment Activity Center when using the manual interview method for your staff requisitions.


  • Approval Rejected (by an approver in the approval workflow)
  • Awaiting formatting (by the Recruitment team)
  • Awaiting posting (by the Recruitment team)
  • Pending Approval (the requisition is in the approval workflow)
  • No applications lately
  • Expired career site posting *
  • All openings filled

*This subcategory only applies if you requested an expiration date on your Career site posting, which typically is not requested.


  • Waiting to be submitted (into the approval workflow by the Recruitment team)
  • Waiting to be extended (to the candidate by the Recruitment team)
  • Approval Rejected (by an approver in the approval workflow)
  • Candidate to accept offer
  • Declined by candidate
  • Pending approval (the offer is in the approval workflow)
  • Accepted offer

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