Update Password for TWU Device

After you've updated your TWU password, you have two options for connecting to the TWU network so that you can log on to your TWU device with your new password.

Option #1: VPN

After you change your password at portal.twu.edu:

  1. Log on to your TWU device with the old password.
  2. Connect to VPN (and confirm on DUO).
  • If on a Windows device, Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete > then Lock > then Log on with new password.
  • On other devices, after connecting to VPN > disconnect from VPN > log out or restart the device > and log on with the new password.

This usually resolves the issue. If it does not, please use option #2.

Option #2: ON-CAMPUS

After you change your password at portal.twu.edu:

  1. Bring your TWU device to campus and connect the device to the physical network (via ethernet cable) for your new password to be recognized upon logging in to the device.
  2. You may choose to connect to an ethernet cable at your office or you may contact the Technology Service Desk at 940-898-3971 to schedule an appointment for support.

Note: connecting to wifi on campus will not suffice.



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