Honorlock in Canvas (Students)

Your instructor can use Honorlock to proctor your exams this semester. Honorlock is an online proctoring service that allows you to take your exam from your home. You DO NOT need to create an account or schedule an appointment in advance. Honorlock is available 24/7, and all that is needed is a computer, a working webcam, microphone, your ID, a stable Internet connection, and the Google Chrome browser. Honorlock WILL run on a Chrome Book and WILL NOT run on an iPad.

Honorlock provides on-demand proctoring services that removes access to test content from the Internet, prevents mobile devices from searching test answers online, disables multiple screens, and allows a live agent to help students through the authentication process before starting a quiz. Honorlock has students use a web camera during an online, technology-proctored exam that is taken from home and not in a TWU computer lab.

Install the Honorlock Chrome Extension

Prior to taking your Canvas Quiz you will need to install the Honorlock Chrome Extension:

  1. Check that the workstation or laptop meets the Honorlock Minimum System Requirements.
  2. Install the Honorlock Chrome Extension.
  3. Watch the How to Use Honorlock (Student Guide) (Video)

Take Your Canvas Quiz Using Honorlock

When you are ready to complete your assessment:

  1. Open your Canvas course
  2. From the Course Navigation Menu click on Honorlock and find your Canvas Quiz in the list.
  3. Click Launch Proctoring to begin the Honorlock authentication process, where you will take a picture of yourself, show your ID, and complete a scan of your room. Honorlock will be recording your exam session through your webcam, microphone, and recording your screen. Honorlock also has an integrity algorithm that can detect search-engine use, so please do not attempt to search for answers, even on a second device.
  4. Contact Honorlock Support to begin a live chat with a Honorlock support agent 24/7 if you need help through the authentication process.

Support Options

  1. Review Honorlock Student FAQ
  2. Search for help in the Honorlock Knowledge Base
  3. To request technical support, submit a Technology Service Desk email to start a ticket.
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