Honorlock in Canvas (Instructors)

Honorlock provides on-demand proctoring services that removes access to test content from the Internet, prevents mobile devices from searching test answers online, disables multiple screens, and allows a live agent to help students through the authentication process before starting a quiz. Honorlock has students use a web camera during an online, technology-proctored exam that is taken from home and not in a TWU computer lab. To activate Honorlock in your course, submit a Technology Service Desk email to start a ticket and include the Canvas Course ID.

Honorlock is a Google Chrome extension that must be added to Chrome before students can attempt to complete an online Canvas assessment. Students must use the Google Chrome browser to log into Canvas and take a quiz using Honorlock in your course. Honorlock WILL run on a Chrome Book and WILL NOT run on an iPad.

For any course you are teaching and using Honorlock the Schedule of Classes must be updated by the instructor. In the Section Comment include that students are required to have a web camera, microphone, and Internet connection to participate in the course. If you need assistance with this step, please contact University Scheduling.

Preparing to Use Honorlock in Your Canvas Course

There are several topics that need to be added to your syllabus if you are using Honorlock for online assessments in your Canvas course:

  1. In the Technology Requirements section of your Syllabus include information about requiring a web camera, microphone, and Internet connection
  2. In the Computer Software and Tools section of your Syllabus include Google Chrome and the Honorlock Chrome Extension
  3. In the Accessibility of Course Tools include a link to Honorlock Accessibility.
  4. In the Privacy of Course Tools include a link to Honorlock Student Privacy Statement
  5. Link to Honorlock in Canvas (Students) either in your syllabus or as a Student Resource in your course
  6. Additional Honorlock Suggested Syllabus Verbiage (optional)

Enabling Honorlock and adding to your Canvas Course Navigation:

  1. Open your Canvas course
  2. Click Settings on the Course Navigation Menu
  3. Click the Navigation tab
  4. Find Honorlock in the list (toward the bottom of the page) click the Options icon (three dots) and click the Enable button. Review How do I manage Course Navigation links?
  5. Click Save

Adding Honorlock to Your Canvas Quiz

You will need to create your Canvas Quiz before adding Honorlock to your Canvas Quiz:

  1. In your Canvas Quiz check Show one question at a time to be able to review the recording of the student taking a Canvas Quiz and clearly identify the quiz question the student is working on at the time in question. Review What options can I set in a quiz? 
  2. Create a Practice Exam in Canvas for students to take before taking a high-stakes graded exam that requires knowledge, skills, practice and a positive attitude. Providing a Practice Exam achieves your goal that students be able to perform their best on exam day by being well prepared and confident.
  3. Review the steps included in the Using Honorlock with Canvas article OR How to Use Honorlock (Faculty) to add Honorlock and configure your desired settings to your high-stakes graded Canvas Quiz.
  4. Contact Disability Services for Students if you have students that require accommodations and you are using Honorlock to proctor Canvas Quizzes.

Support Options

  1. Contact an Instructional Design Partner to design assessments for students or talk about effective ways to apply Honorlock online proctoring services to your Canvas Quizzes.
  2. Contact Honorlock Support to begin a live chat with a Honorlock support agent 24/7. This same service is available to help students through the authentication process before starting a Canvas Quiz with Honorlock enabled.
  3. Search for help in the Honorlock Knowledge Base
  4. To request technical support, submit a Technology Service Desk email to start a ticket.


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