Asynchronous Zoom Recordings (Instructors)

You can create a Zoom Recording outside of class or as part of your course materials and make them available to students to watch on their personal computer or mobile device. Asynchronous recordings promote self-study where students can play back and interact with recorded content.

It is recommended that you create asynchronous Zoom Recordings from the Zoom Web Portal to avoid students being notified about the Zoom Meeting or finding the session and trying to join from your Canvas course.

Note: You can also use Panopto to record asynchronous content to share with your students. Review Create and View Panopto Recordings in Canvas.

Create a Zoom Recording

If you plan to use Zoom to share recorded content with your students:

  1. Log into the Zoom Web Portal
  2. On the Zoom Web Portal sign in screens, click Sign In
  3. Select your TWU Gmail account
  4. Click Schedule a Meeting
    1. In the Topic field enter the name of the Zoom meeting
    2. In the When fields, select the Date and Time the Zoom meeting will start
    3. Select the Duration (This is only for scheduling purposes. The meeting will not end after this length of time.)
    4. Select the Time Zone Central Time (US and Canada)
    5. Registration - Uncheck
    6. Meeting ID - Check Generate Automatically
    7. Security - Check Passcode
    8. Audio, Select Computer Audio
    9. Meeting Options - Uncheck All
    10. Click Save

  1. Before creating your asynchronous Zoom Recording, navigate to any websites or open any applications you will be using as part of your Zoom Recording.
  2. Navigate to the asynchronous Zoom Meeting you created and click Start
  3. Click Record and select Record to the Cloud

  1. When you have finished your recording click Stop Recording

  1. Click End Meeting for All

Your Zoom Recording is Saved as a Panopto Recording

Because you created the Zoom Recording from the Zoom Web Portal you will need to move the Panopto Recording into your Canvas course folder:

  1. Open your Canvas course
  2. Click Panopto Recordings on the Course Navigation Menu
  3. Click the Open in Panopto icon

  1. Panopto will open in a new tab in your browser
  2. Find your Zoom Recording in Panopto, click Everything [1], if you do not see your recording, search for the name of the Zoom Meeting Session in Search [2]. Once you have located your recording, click Settings [3]

  1. From the Panopto Recording Settings, click the Folder Dropdown [1] and navigate to the Canvas folder and click Your Canvas course folder (e.g., Canvas > 20FAMGT353352), click Save

  1. Open your Canvas course
  2. Click Panopto Recordings on the Course Navigation Menu to see your Panopto Recording

Support Options

  1. Contact an Instructional Design Partner to design learning activities for students or talk about effective ways to interact with students with Zoom in your Canvas courses.
  2. To request technical support, submit a Technology Service Desk email to start a ticket.


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