Lapel Microphones

Set up the microphone

  1. Remove all plastic wrap and twist ties from the various parts.
  2. Put lapel clip around base of microphone. 
  3. Put windscreen over the rest of the microphone. 
  4. Squeeze the metal lasso (the tie clip loop or lapel clip loop) and grip the lapel clip to enlarge the circumference of the lasso so it fits over the microphone and snaps into place over the lower groove of the microphone. (Instructions call it tie clip, these instructions call it lapel microphone)
  5. Determine which windscreen to use and place it on the microphone. The smaller windscreen provides 5-10 decibels of pop protection and the larger windscreen provides up to 30 decibels of protection. 
  6. Attach the lapel microphone approximately 3-6 inches below neckline. 

Use the microphone in a classroom

NOTE: Transmitters/ body packs are paired to each classroom. Use only the transmitter/ body pack in each classroom and leave it for the next instructor. Lapel microphones only work in a classroom, not on the computer. 

  1. In the classroom, either in a drawer on the podium or a wall rack is the transmitter/body pack. If it is missing, please contact the TWU Technology Service Desk at 940 898 3971.
  2. If a microphone is already attached, remove both cords. Depress the black button by the microphone to pull out. Connect the microphone cord by plugging it into the opening. 
  3. Connect the transmitter/ body pack cord. The transmitter/ body pack cord plug is keyed and only fits in the proper position. 
  4. Turn on the transmitter/ body pack. If the transmitter/body pack won't come on, check the batteries. Additional batteries should be in the drawer where the transmitter was located. If no batteries are available call the TWU Technology Service Desk at 940 898 3971.
  5. Test the microphone before class. Adjust the volume on the touch panel by selecting Lapel mic
  6. If the microphone crackles or there are other issues contact the TWU Technology Service Desk at 940 898 3971. 

Learn More

See a video: Lapel Microphones

For additional support, contact the Technology Service Desk at 940-898-3971,, or submit a request through the Technology Service Catalog.


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