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Texas Woman’s University is committed to supporting benefits that recruit and retain high quality faculty and staff while promoting development opportunities that assist employees and their dependents in pursuing their higher education goals. In keeping with this philosophy, the university has established a Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) for certain tuition and fees to be waived when enrolled in classes at TWU.


The following tuition and fees will be waived for eligible employees and their dependents:

  1. Board Designated Tuition
  2. University Services Fee
  3. Student Services Fee
  4. Fitness and Recreation Fee
  5. Medical Services Fee
  6. Student Center Fee

All other university charges that may be incurred will be the responsibility of the student.


To receive the benefit, the employee must:

  1. Be a regular full-time nine through twelve month faculty or staff member;
  2. Be in good standing of employment by receiving an overall performance evaluation rating of Proficient or higher (for staff) or Effective Performance (for faculty);
  3. Be in good academic standing by having a minimum 2.0 undergraduate cumulative grade point average or a 3.0 graduate (this includes post-baccalaureate) cumulative grade point average;
  4. Not have any outstanding debt (returned checks, tuition, short-term loans and applicable fees) with the university; and
  5. Not qualify for existing state waivers/exemptions.

Dependents will be defined in the Texas Family Code: a dependent is a spouse of an employee; an unmarried child under 26 years of age including the natural child of an employee; a legally adopted child; a stepchild, foster child, or other child which has a legally recognized parent-child relationship with the employee; or any child, regardless of age, who lives with or whose care is provided by an employee on a regular basis if the child is physically or mentally disabled to such an extent as to be dependent on the employee for care and support.

  1. If the dependent is not already covered under the employee insurance through TWU provided by ERS, supporting documentation will be required with all first-time dependent applications. Acceptable documentation examples are provided at
  2. The dependent is still eligible for the TAP if the employee does not meet item 2 and 3 above.
  3. In the event of the death of the employee, the dependent will remain eligible for the TAP for two semesters following the death of the employee.
  4. An employee’s termination, retirement, or voluntarily exit from the university will cease the dependent’s eligibility the semester following the leave of employment date.  


  1. Employees are eligible to participate in the TAP for a maximum of 6 credit hours per university-defined semester (not sessions within a semester).
  2. Dependents do not have a credit hour limit per semester.
  3. The TAP will only provide tuition and fee waivers toward a degree plan.
  4. Employee and dependents can only receive one degree from TWU in the TAP.
  5. The TAP will not cover a student’s courses that exceed the excessive hour rule.
  6. The TAP will not cover 3rd attempts on a single course. Billing may be adjusted later in term.


  1. The student is responsible for applying to the university, registering for classes, and meeting all requirements set forth in the TAP.
  2. Once accepted into the university, the employee must complete and submit the TAP application and supporting documentation (if applicable) to Human Resources at least one week prior to the last day of Regular Registration for the enrolling semester to receive the benefit.
  3. If the employee qualifies for the TAP, Human Resources will approve the application and forward eligibility to the Registrar’s Office.
    1. Employees/dependents that do not qualify for the TAP will be notified by Human Resources.
  4. The Registrar’s Office will verify GPA eligibility (if applicable) and reclassify the employee/dependent to receive tuition and fee waivers if not registered prior to acceptance into the TAP.
  5. The Bursar’s Office will rebill the student’s account if previously registered prior to acceptance into the TAP.
  6. Once item 4 or 5 is completed, tuition and fee waivers applied to the student bill will result in the balance owed.
  7. The application to participate in the TAP must be completed each semester and submitted before deadline.


  1. All students participating in the TAP will meet same payment requirements and deadlines as all other university students.
  2. An installment payment plan will be available for the semester balance if not paid in full by published deadline.
  3. Students in the TAP cannot continue into future semesters with unpaid semester balances.
  4. Employees and dependents are not taxed on any portion of the exempted undergraduate tuition and fee value. However, pursuant to Internal Revenue Code (IRC) 117(d), employees who take graduate courses are taxed on exempted tuition and fee values that exceed the maximum (annual amount is $5,250). Also pursuant to the IRC, employees are taxed on the entire exempted tuition and fee value for dependent(s) who take graduate courses.


The Vice President for Finance and Administration will review these guidelines after each academic year with recommendations forwarded through normal administrative channels to the Chancellor and President.

TAP Application Fall Application

TAP Application Fall 2024 
Deadline: August 12, 2024

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