How do I unsubscribe from TWU lists/emails?

Asked by Heather Davis on Wed 12/11/19 6:41 PM
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Heather Davis Wed 12/11/19 6:44 PM Last edited Thu 4/14/22 5:36 PM

Efforts are made by all departments at the University to limit the number of emails sent, including the use of InsideTWU, the Student Life Newsletter, social media, digital signage, etc.

Texas Woman's University maintains three types of mailing lists:

  1. University Announcements Listservs are available for officially-sanctioned communication of general interest to the University community. Texas Woman's students and employees are subscribed to specific University Announcement lists. These announcement lists are moderated by individuals who carefully monitor requests in order to share information that is relevant to our community. By University Policy and Procedure, active employees and students must be included on these lists and cannot unsubscribe.
  2. Discussion Listservs are unmoderated lists used for the exchange of scholarly and topical interests among community members. These lists may not replicate the function or purpose of any University Announcements list. Community members may choose to subscribe (and unsubscribe) from Discussion Listservs.
  3. Organizational Listservs are email-lists that are created automatically using official HR records. In general, Organizational-lists are created for departments (e.g., HR, Technology, Reading, or CollegeofArtScience).

Students and employees may choose to use rules to filter their messages; however, they are cautioned that critical messages are sent through email and such messages may be missed if filters are applied to their inboxes.

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