URP: I.10.h Listserv Use


The purpose of this URP is to communicate the regulations and procedures regarding the use of Listservs at Texas Woman's University (TWU). Listservs facilitate the free flow of information necessary to maintain an informed and engaged University community, yet provide a methodology that ensures the efficiency, effectiveness, and manageability of the service on the basis that the electronic information environment is provided to support University business and its mission of education and service.  


Blind Carbon Copy (BCC): A copy of an email sent to a recipient whose email address does not appear (as a recipient) in the message.

Discussion Listserv: Unmoderated lists for topical and scholarly exchange among colleagues. Employees may unsubscribe from these lists at any time but may also rejoin later, if they choose.

Email-lists: A collection of email addresses, usually related to a subject or group (e.g., Chairs, Students, or Student Athletes).

Listserv: An application that distributes messages to subscribers on an electronic mailing list. Listservs help facilitate communication with an entire email list using a single email address (e.g., faculty@lists.twu.edu or adminpro@lists.twu.edu).

Listserv Administrator: The TWU system administrators who manage and maintain the list system. The listserv administrator also validates mailing list requests.

List Owner: The individual who creates and/or manages the list. List owners handle all requests to subscribe and to unsubscribe (adding and removing members), along with managing the list's settings and permissions.

Moderators: Persons appointed by list owners charged to ensure the relevancy of messages sent to the list. After reading all messages, moderators may choose to release or return them. Released messages are sent to the list. Returned messages are accompanied by a notice to explain the reason for the return.

Organizational Listserv: An email list created automatically, using official HR records. These lists are created for departmental use (e.g., HR, Athletics, Reading, etc.).

University Announcements Listserv: A moderated listserv for the transmission of timely and officially-sanctioned information of general interest to all members of the TWU community. This is created automatically, using official HR records. Employees may not remove themselves from a University Announcements Listserv.


These regulations and procedures are separated into three parts on the basis of the email-list type: one part for University Announcements, a second for Discussion Lists, and a third for Organizational-lists. Any type of email-list shall be constructed and used in accordance with other official university policies, regulations, and/or procedures.

University Announcements Listservs are available for officially-sanctioned communication of general interest to the University community. 

Current University Announcements Listservs:

All Campuses: AllTWU; faculty; staff; adjuncts; gtas; and students.

Denton Campus: dentonfaculty; dentonstaff; dentonadjuncts; dentongtas; and dentonstudents.

Dallas Campus: dallasfaculty; dallasstaff; dallasadjuncts; dallasgtas; and dallasstudents.

Houston Campus: houstonfaculty; houstonstaff; houstonadjuncts; houstongtas; and houstonstudents.

Subscribing: Subscribers are automatically added to lists electronically by use of the official HR and portal account data. These lists are updated nightly to ensure new employees are added and terminating/retiring employees are removed. Since these lists will be used to distribute officially-sanctioned University information, subscribers will not be removed from their constituent list(s) and may not remove themselves from these lists.

Moderators: Moderators are selected by the Cabinet. The CIO will ensure moderators are added to their assigned University Announcements lists. Moderators are responsible for reviewing messages for appropriateness prior to releasing to the University Announcements lists. Messages may be returned to the sender with a recommendation for posting through other channels. Moderators may send emails on the behalf of faculty or staff.

Discussion Listservs are unmoderated lists used for the exchange of scholarly and topical interests among community members. These lists may not replicate the function or purpose of any University Announcements list.

Requests for New lists

New Discussion Listserv lists may be requested through the Technology Service Desk. Discussion Listservs must have an owner.


Individuals should not be subscribed to any Discussion list without their prior knowledge and consent without having a way to unsubscribe. Emails may be sent to individuals soliciting and instructing them on adding themselves to an email-list; however, owners should not email an individual more than three times. Additionally, Discussions lists may allow individuals to self-enroll. Email-lists must include a link at the bottom of emails, informing subscribers how to unsubscribe. (TWU’s listserv will add this automatically.)

Organizational Listservs are email-lists that are created automatically using official HR records. In general, Organizational-lists are created for departments (e.g., HR, Technology, Reading, or CollegeofArtScience).


Component leaders are responsible for the use of their Organizational-lists. Leaders of each organization can use these list to support their operations. Component leaders may decide what features they want available for their Organizational-lists and who can send to their Organizational-lists.


Since these lists will be used to distribute component-related information, subscribers will not be removed from their constituent list, and may not remove themselves from these lists. The Office of Technology is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the Organizational-lists. The Organizational-lists are updated nightly to ensure new employees are added and terminating/retiring employees are removed.

General Construction and Use:

List Names

All list names should be as descriptive as possible without being too long (a suggested length would be approximately 8-12 characters). A Listserv Administrator may contact the requester to make necessary changes.

Owner Responsibilities

At least one owner on every list must be a full-time employee of TWU. The primary list owner will be the person who is contacted about list issues. If the primary list owner leaves TWU, a new list owner must be established and identified to the Office of Technology prior to the change of ownership. The list owner is responsible for maintaining the list on a day-to-day basis. This list of responsibilities includes, but is not limited to:

• Check email on a regular basis to prevent going over quota and thereby causing bounced emails to a full mailbox;

• Learn how to manage the list;

• Provide instructions to list members on how to unsubscribe from a list;

• Respond promptly and courteously to questions from list subscribers;

• Remove subscribers who use the list inappropriately, as described below;

• Correct subscriptions made in error (e.g., malformed or mistaken email addresses);

• Respond to error messages, such as bounces, non-member submissions (if applicable), and other errors that may arise;

• Respond to inquiries or requests from the TWU Listserv Administrator;

• Ensure lists are not used to send unsolicited emails (spam) that are not directly related to the stated purpose of the list. (Using a listserv in this manner may result in revocation of listserv privileges.);

• Minimize the size of emails sent to the list, preferably less than 2MB.

Disabling Lists:

The CIO may authorize disabling email-lists if no list owner can be identified or if it is determined that the list is being used inappropriately. Inappropriate use includes but is not limited to:

• Using the listservs for commercial purposes or personal business (e.g., buying, selling items, advertising, etc.) or other private gain;

• Using defamatory, abusive, discriminatory, harassing, intimidating, profane and/ or offensive language; • Using a listserv in connection with contests, chain letters, junk e-mail or "spam";

• Neglecting to unsubscribe people upon request;

• Adding people without their prior consent;

• Falsely impersonating an individual, group, organization, or entity;

• Distributing large files. The Listserv administrator may block messages that are greater than 5MB.

Lists will be periodically reviewed for activity and continued conformance to the current listserv policies. Lists that are inactive or fail to conform to policy will be removed. Lists will be reviewed for activity on an annual basis. Lists with no activity for an extended period of time will be removed. Lists associated with courses will be removed at the end of each quarter, or at the conclusion of the course. List owners will be contacted by the listserv manager prior to removing the list. If an owner is unable to be contacted, the list will be removed.

Sending to Lists

Emails sent to lists where a response is not required must place the email-list address(es) to the blind-copy (BCC) send line. Using the BCC feature prevents subscribers from “replying to all.”

Requesting a New List

To create a new list, contact the Technology Service Desk. Requests must include the following:

1. The purpose/description of the list.

2. The name of the list (e.g. admin-support-staff).

3. The owner(s) email address(es) and work phone number(s). (Up to two individuals)

4. Indicate if the list

• will be open for subscription (i.e., if individuals can self-subscribe to the list, rather than requiring the owners to add them);

• should be hidden OR viewable at lists.twu.edu.

Requests will be forwarded to the Listserv Administrator, who may contact the requestor for additional or clarifying information.


TWU Students, Faculty, Staff, and Guest TWU Student

TWU Faculty TWU Staff TWU Guest


Violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action, which may include termination for employees and temporaries; a termination of employment relations in the case of contractors or consultants; termination of access; legal action; termination for interns and volunteers; disciplinary review; suspension or expulsion (in the case of a student).


Office of Technology Listserv Knowledge Base Articles https://servicecenter.twu.edu/TDClient/KB/Default?CategoryID=3775



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